Issey Miyake Vogue 2522

Issey Miyake has always been my favorite designer from Vogue patterns. His work is so unique and has an origami quality. In the 90's I purchased every pattern I could of his. Vogue 2522 is my favorite of all and this will be the fourth time I make this shirt. I have been wanting to start making some shirts and since this is one of my faves I decided to start here. You can can see from my notes in the pattern I made this in 1994 in denim chambray, in 1995 in a rayon, and in 1999 in  silk linen blend. The 2011 version will be simple cotton shirting and a quilting cotton, the floral. I am not  wondering if this will look dated and I don't really care. Let's just call it my romp through retro. What I remember most of this shirt is that it was so comfortable and I wore each one to death. Let's check out the pattern a bit. 
Are those pants fun or what? I've never made them but always wanted too. My thighs just won't let me. I can see them really fitting in with the current trouser trend. This vest is a gorgeous example of tailoring and that I would love to make some day. The entire collar section buttons on. Then there is the shirt. It is just big and comfy. What more can you say? I did find the sleeves very short, even for me, and lengthened them and inch and a half! My version will have piping on the shoulder seams and around the neckline and on the cuffs. 
Here are the pattern pieces. Looking at the actual pieces the armscyes look too  small to encompass the upper sleeve edge but it worked before without adjustment so it should work again. Piece 16 is the collar. I remember every time I made this getting the final point nice and neat was not the easiest thing, sort of like putting an end on infinity.  Let's see if my skills have improved since the last fling with this one. Not this specific pattern, but his patterns are generally known to be difficult to alter.because of their odd shapes. They have also been compared to jigsaw puzzles. I think it is the challenge of the origami construction that appeals to me, although this particular pattern is fairly traditional. 

My goal here is to make a loose comfy top to throw over a pair of jeans. I know I will wear this to death like the others. 

Oh, if you are thinking of picking up this vintage (1990) pattern on the web, beware. It's not cheap as this link on Etsy will show you. Did you catch your breath yet?....Bunny


  1. I have noticed that the prices on OOP Vogue designer patterns are stunning!

  2. Whoa! Maybe I should be putting my money into Vogue Designer patterns and storing them away rather than putting money into a pension plan each month!

  3. Aren't you glad you hung onto this one? (There are patterns I've let go of and now wish I'd kept....)

  4. Catch my breath? Let me get up off the floor first. Holy mackerel!

  5. I'm speechless! The Issey Miyake patterns were my favourites too and I gave away a load of patterns a few years ago - but thank goodness, none of those! I wonder if people buy them at that price? I guess they must.

  6. Hmm . . this seems to be a rather tame Miyake pattern, compared to some that I've seen! I do love the vest - very cool.

  7. Those pants are darling. I keep forgetting to comment on your new photo. I love your happy smile. Your face is just glowing!

  8. Me gusta mucho la camisa y seguro que
    en sus manos queda preciosa.
    Un saludo desde España.


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