Simplicity 2464

Today I cut out the rest of this pattern, Simp Daisy Kingdom 2464. If you think you will be making this up here are a few suggestions. 

First, this is a pattern that you must read through carefully at least once before starting.  It goes together much like a traditional heirloom dress with the complete fronts and backs sewn first, then the side seams stitched up. Following sequence is important with this pattern so really take time to read it through first. Take each pattern piece as it is mentioned as you go along because.....

There are many pieces. Dress view A has eleven pieces. Many of them are rectangular and very similar in size, some needing to be on the fold, some not. I found it a tad confusing so took time to pay a bit of extra attention to the cutting process. One of the confusing things is the name of these pieces. It didn't clearly indicate where the piece went.I wrote on each one a better description, for example, this piece goes on the "upper waist on either side of the top of the midriff. " 

This pattern is not lined. I have interfaced and will line the upper bodice above the midriff. I think this will give a much cleaner finish on the neckline, sleeve edges, and back peek a boo hole. I will do this by sewing the two bodice pieces together, the "bee" ones, and then the two lining bodices. Then I will just lay them together and stitch the the neck and peekaboo edge and the sleeve edges only. Then I will turn it right side out and I think topstitch. Keep you posted as I do this. It won't happen for a while as I am still doing bees. 

Today DH and I went for a hike at Lake Meachem, one of our favorite spots up here in what locals call "the Park." (Adirondack Park). Here's a couple of pics:
We also found snow along side the road.  Isn't tomorrow May?...Bunny


  1. Glad you felt well enough to go walking.

  2. Hi Bunny. Thank you for the tips. This pattern is on my stack to work on so I am glad you are blazing the trail ahead of me. You know I am a nut for lining everything, so I am looking forward to your notes on how it all turns out. And I can't wait to see all your bees!
    I am still praying that you heal well. As I type this, it is already May Day for you! I hope you get some flowers. I cheated and bought my own tonight. :-)

  3. Σε ευχαριστούμε για τις πληροφορίες! Σου εύχομαι να έχεις έναν όμορφο μήνα!!!!

  4. Thanks for the warnings! Still surprises me when pattern companies design something that looks so "upscale", but then don't bother to line it, or finish seams/closures properly. Your "park" is stunning! Lucky lady!

  5. What a cute pattern! :) Looks like you had a lovely walk too :)
    Ashley x

  6. Brrrr....makes me shiver just to look at that snow & the icey blue water. Pretty though!

    I hear you on the multiple pattern pieces needing labels. I use post-it notes on the varioud sections once cut so I don't confuse them. I have a quilted vest on the cutting table right now that has at least 9...maybe 11 different pieces of fabric in 2 coordinating colors. Makes my head dizzy just thinking about it.

    Hope YOUR head is feeling better!

  7. I am so glad you are feeling better. Many thoughts are coming your way!


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