simplicity 2771 - Camo Spiders!

Oooh, I like these and I know Zackie will just love them. I thought I would have a great facing trick for you but that was because, despite having made this before, I really thought the neck band was an inside out facing, NOT! It is an additional piece stitched on to the bodice. If doing this pattern I highly recommend reading and following the instructions closely when it comes to the neck band. That's all I'm sayin'...
Cissie asked where I zigzagged the pocket for reinforcement. You can see it more clearly in this photo. The ZZ is right at the top of the little triangle, where a pocket would get the most stress.

Fabric: 100% "designer" cotton from Joanns, can' t remember who the designer was. It's a pretty decent quality and stayed non wrinkly throughout. The piping is a black poly cotton. Buttons were some I inherited and really fit in with the camo theme.

Pattern: Simplicity 2771, a unisex jammie pattern with sizes from 4 child to large adult. I made Zackey the four.

Construction: This is really quite simple. Just follow the neckband instructions closely. They are nothing difficult, just a little different from the norm so bear extra attention. All the seams were stitched, serged and topstitched. I want these to last. My grandchildren tend to wear the jammies I make them over and over. They will get a lot of washing, which is another reason I like this pattern. Because there is no collar, it comes out of the wash looking pretty decent. A bit of folding and its neat as a pin. I really didn't veer from the pattern instructions on this one at all.
I know I will be using this pattern again and again. I really need to commit it to some oak tag.


This morning I cut and pleated a bishop for the AG doll. The fabric is a cotton microcheck and it has an eyelet collar smocked into the microcheck. They are pleated as one. This extra bulk made for some challenging pleating, but after three needles broken I was able to get through and finish the pleating by hand. Here you can see me picking up the pleats where the needle broke. I simply used the same thread and pleated by hand.
I am trying something different here. I will be smocking with two strands of #12 perle cotton. I just happened to have the perfect color so will give this a try. So far I like the look. It has a bit of a gloss and the two strands are nice and full. Recognize the fabric, Meg?...Bunny


  1. great jammies...I see you included your tag.....inside, of course...but, did you put one on the outside of your latest bag?????

  2. No, I wimped out and put it inside. Glad you like the jammies.

  3. These jammies will never be forgotten! They are wonderful!

  4. Your grandchildren are so lucky! The jammies are great and the doll dress promises to be pretty special too!

  5. Those are great pj's - I thought I recognized the fabric, too. No collar is a big bonus - I end up making matching t-shirts or finding collar-less tops, too.

  6. Those are super cute jammies. Sleep well, little one!

  7. Those PJs look great! I think I would be happy to wear them too - how fun!

  8. Bunny, Do you always do your pleating by hand or do you have a pleater as well. I have put off learning this whole process because I thought I would have to purchase a pleater. BTW the jammies are awesome! Tracey


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