Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burdastyle 7535, The Funky Details

These pants are complete except for the detail you see above. I found some spot on buttons colorwise from the vintage buttons Ima gave me. I proceeded to make the buttonholes and when it came time to sew on the buttons I realized that one had lost its backing as you can see in the picture. With the pants totally complete otherwise, I have to wait to see if I can find button backs at JA's or at the worst, some new buttons. The buttons are prominent on this pattern, Burda Style 7535 so this is quite critical to the look. I want something flat in case I wear a knit top on the outside. I don't want  "button lumps."

The buttonholes were made on the Pfaff, only because  I had lots of seamless space around them and therefore didn't have to fear the outcome. I did cord them with two strands of matching embroidery floss. I like that look. Here's a few more details.

My biggest worry with this pattern was the fit. I knew it could go very wrong or very right with this unique design. I cut the pattern by the hip measurement so I knew the waist would have to come in. This high waistband was shortened by a 1/4 inch at the top. That was not a fit issue so much as my custom to decrease the size of details to accomodate my  petite frame. Because of "hourglass" issues I cut down the center and added seam allowances to the center back waistband section. I left the top inch of the hips and the waistband side seams and center back seam unsewn as you can see above. I tried them on and adjusted the fit as needed. When you are swayback you really need to add a center back seam and use it to adjust the fit on just about anything. Here, this move worked out really well as you will see once I get this modeled for you.
I finished the seams as shown here. They were triple zigzagged and then pinked. I didn't want the bulk of anything else showing through once pressed so I kept it simple. The waistband was ditch stitched to the facing which you can see a bit to the right of the pic. It is invisible on the right side.
The waistband sections and the big darts on the lower legs were all topstitched.

The color here looks very pumpkin. They are actually more of a burnished gold. I saw a nice knit to make a coordinating top but also favor the good old white shirt with these. Once those buttons are attached I will give it a model and have some pics for you.
I love how the color of the lupines plays against the orange poppies in this  perennial bed. My gardens always have a bit of "gawdy" going on....Bunny


  1. It's an attractive mustard colour that I haven't seen around in a while. I like it, it looks fresh all over again. What a pain about the buttons, and with them matching so perfectly too. I am looking forward to seeing them finished with all of your changes.

  2. Good luck with finding the button backs. I'm pretty sure JA's has them. Love the color. The white shirts would probably be best, but maybe a dressy white T w/ a scarf? Can't wait to see them.

  3. It's all in the details, and this is perfect.

  4. Too bad about that button. Your garden isn't gawdy and I love the colors. Wait a minute, maybe that means *I'm* gawdy. lol

  5. The mustard color is gorgeous-it is reminiscent of 60s colors which I love. Hope you can solve your button problem.

  6. I love the fabric. Can't wait to see this on.

  7. Those are funky pants indeed, Bunny. But your attention to detail will make them perfect. Can't wait to see you modeling them. BTW, I am totally into that color this year!

  8. I do hope that you manage to resolve the button issue. Can't wait to see you modeling these interesting pants.

  9. Oh those buttons are PERFECT! I hope you find a solution. I also love love love the mustard color. I can't wait to see them finished.

  10. I love what you did with these pants, and have to say, I usually don't read the instructions as they do nothing but confuse me. They a truly a work of art.


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