White Linen Top

Back to my favorite fabric, linen. This time it is in white. I decided, stepping out of the box here, that I would make a sleeveless linen blouse. Claire Kennedy's latest newsletter references the over fifty sleeveless issue with some very good suggestions. But a hot summer day has made me decide to walk on the wild side a bit and just go for it.

I'm away from home right now so you have to humor me a bit. I didn't finish the blouse as I wanted to before leaving but will as soon as I get home. What you see above is my TNT Simplicity  2501     . This blouse has a peplum. For the bodice front and back I used a double layer of the pretty sheer hanky linen. For the peplum I used a single layer. I lined the bodice so the darts seams would be facing the outer bodice dart seams, giving a real clean finish. This also enabled me to hide the interfacing on the interior of the lining. This really hides the interfacing show through on the front. By lining the blouse this way I eliminated the facing specified in the pattern. The edges are finished with a bias binding and topstitched. I wanted this blouse very plain. It has a flounce down the front. It's attached and if it weren't all graded and trimmed I would remove it. There is just not enough flounce to the flounce IMO. I will live with it.

Once the darts were completed, interfacing installed, and the two layers placed wrong sides together, it was time to do the side and shoulder seams. These were French seams as you can tell in the pic. So this has a nice clean finish on the interior. The flounce and bindings came after that.

When I return home I will be able to share the finish with you. I may even get brave and model this one, not so sure about that though. Till my return around the end of next week.............Bunny


  1. I love linen and the Simplicity pattern has a lovely silhouette to it. I love your idea of French Seams so that it is finished nicely on the inside. I wish I had thought of that today while I was making my Sorbetto. I'll remember them next time.

  2. I can tell this is going to be lovely, Bunny! I like the clean lines & I wish I had your tiny waistline, which will be accented beautifully when you wear this.


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