The Tablecloth Dress Begins

The third times the charm! It took three attempts to finally get my fabric pleated. Oh, it pleated like butter. The problem was the "pleator", moi! The first try was off  off grain as you can see in the picture.  I decided to redo the pleating. I was pleased with how smooth it went through the needles. Second try had me with stitches missing, who knows why? The third attempt it all came out right with the stripe very even. Now I am happy.

I am going to attempt something called template smocking which is an artistically  realistic version done in  picture smocking. I copied part of one of the floral sprays but clearly it needs to be simplified. So a little more tweaking is in order while my pleats set up in the sunshine. I soaked them with spray starch and rather than just wait overnight I set them out in the hot sun. I figure it will dry in no time in this weather. Hope you are all staying cool!

I am a HUGE fan of  Amy Winehouse. I often thought, as I heard of her struggles with substance abuse, of the comparison with Judy Garland. They were both tremendous talents whose voices belied such a vulnerability that it seductively pulled you in to listen closer. I always had the feeling she would not last long. She is gone way before her time and way before her potential was ever fully tapped. Let this please, please be one more reminder of the scourge of substance abuse that plagues society. But do we ever learn?

My condolences to her family. It is always much more tragic to lose someone of such a young age....Bunny


  1. I had not heard about Amy Winehouse. Really sad.

  2. Could you talk more about "setting the pleats with starch?" I have never heard of this, but it sounds intriguing...and would maybe help with my smocking!

  3. It is terribly sad about Amy Whinehouse. Such a waste of a great talent.

  4. I can't wait to see as this dress progresses. And I love this kind of smocking. It is a challenge but so fun when it comes together. I love the tablecloth and I know the dress will be wonderful!

    I am sad about Amy Winehouse too. I was never a fan of her music, but it always makes me so sad when someone is destroyed by their addictions. I feel so sad for her and her family.

  5. Well said about Amy Winehouse. People need to understand that no matter how talented and young they are, if they abuse their bodies enough, they will die. We've lost so many talented people this way, it is just heartbreaking.

  6. I'm interested in your tablecloth dress and am so looking forward to each installment.

    Amy Winehouse's death is a tragedy, and one that many people were predicting. "Dancing with death..." is not romantic at all. I have had 2 calls so far tonight from people needing help with their own addictions. Tomorrow is going to be busy for me.

  7. I'm looking forward to the dress installments Bunny, I've never smocked, and would love to give it a go....
    Thanks for your comment on mine re Amy Whinehouse. It's odd but I was thinking exactly the same thing when I heard the news which broke here only about an hour after she was found. I think Judy will be watching over her and the two of them will be having a hoot!

  8. I am a great admirer o Amy Winehouse too. Our world can be so crual to let the more talented die this way.
    Thank for posting the portrait she was still so close from chilhood.


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