Faux and Flannel!

Yesterday was a "free" day, no cushions but I will be back on that saddle this morning. Instead I chose to do a bit of fabric shopping. My Christmas sewing is getting planned and I wanted specific fabrics I had previously seen to work up my choices.

For some little boy jammies I decided to go to the quilt shop on the Akwasasne Native American reservation. Its a wonderful shop, stocked to the gills with all sorts of goodies including the best flannels ever. I do all the required prewashing on their flannels and have yet to have one shrink. They have a beautiful hand and wear like iron. My grandsons love their flannel jammies and wear them nearly  every night. They and their moms always are asking for a new pair. While at the quilt shop, which goes by the name of  "Dream Catchers", I did see some unique items including a backing for fabric that shrinks your fabric up to 30 % once steam pressed. I could see all sorts of possibilities for that but I just have too much planned right now to get hooked on a new project, maybe later. I wish I could remember the name and manufacturer  for you. It was pricey. A 48x 18 piece of this stuff was 12.00 if recall correctly.

Now this fabric I am really excited about. I am definitely NOT a fan of Walmart, with their weak unattended fabric departments if they have one at all. Our local WM does have one and it stocks one product that I love and have been very pleased with, their faux leathers. Joanns has nothing like this. Again, this is one of those things I like to feel up close and personal before I buy so on line retailers I haven't tried. I started with a small piece of tooled faux leather a few years ago and was very impressed and have bought it often for use in  bagmaking ever since. It has a great hand, is very sewable, and really really looks good, not fakey. They recently got in our local WM a black and a red/black colorway and I had to have these to make some more bags for the holidays for gifts. You will be seeing these sewn up fairly soon. I just love that red and the black looks and drapes so nicely I am entertaining the thought of making a blazer out of it. We'll see what time allows. For the red I found some onyx colored chain and findings and what a great combo. I can't wait to work this up for all of you to see.

Today will be back to cushion number three. First I must make a ton more welting! Smocking is nearly done on Selena's bishop and more embellishment is contemplated.

Thanks to everyone  for the great feedback on the D&G jacket. Isn't it gorgeous? I need to do a bit of research as well as make a muslin before starting for real. I REALLY appreciated all your comments and feedback. Thank you so much. You are priceless!.......Bunny


  1. You've been a busy lady! Is the product you were mentioning called 'Texture Magic'?

  2. Yes, I was also going to identify it as Texture Magic. I've been planning a project with that stuff forever.

    Your description of the flannels and the faux leathers makes me drool. No Walmart near me.

  3. Those faux leathers look terrific and I want to see what you make up with them. Your bags are always so well done, pretty and useful looking. I have made a few bags and some of my creations are NOT usable-but as my skills increase I am sure it will show. Have a great week.

  4. The product is probably Texture Magic by Superior Threads. I have some, but never used it.

    You remind me that I need to check the local Wal-mart just to see what they have!

  5. After all that cushion sewing you deserved a day off of fabric shopping! I know WMs have lousy fabric sections, but I wish we had them here in the UK!

  6. How nice to find flannel that doesn't shrink! Wish I could go along shopping with you.
    That faux leather looks divine, too. You could do justice to a jacket made of that.

    I've read that WM is bringing back their line of fabrics. They really could do a better job of staffing the area. I was able to pick up TONS of stabilizers & such at low prices, when ours closed.


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