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The musical interlude is over and we are back to sewing! Those guys were great, weren't they?

My BFF just had her second grandchild and she is a little girl so this is where best friend Bunny jumps in and says, "Hurray!" I get to do a frilly little project. You've seen me make this dress many times. It is my go to Bishop dress. I use a Bishop as a gift garment because the size is so forgiving and the length of the wear time is long. It's my habit to give a one year old dress so she will be in this next summer. I find babies have loads of newborn fitting clothes and a year later the supply dwindles down. Besides, I want this little sweetie to wear my efforts for a while, not just a few weeks. 

This classic bishop is not too full, not too complicated, and comes with two smocking plates. I am not sure yet if I will use those. I'll also may make the back so it buttons all the way down and may add some pockets as well. It will evolve. 

I have started designing Sophie's Christmas dress. I have the fabric, hopefully enough, and the ideas worked out in my head. I can't go any further at this point. I've put together a sloper for her but the design requires many changes. I will wait until I can actually drape it on her and start cutting, moving, and adding. So that project is on hold until Columbus weekend. 

All peeled and ready for the next step! I put up 15 quarts two days ago, 15 quarts today, and will do fifteen more tomorrow. I am turning into a tomato. Tomorrows batch will be dehydrated instead of stewed. I use Romas for those. Are  you  canning, freezing, or "putting food by"? ....Bunny


  1. I make such a mess with tomatoes, but yes, I do "put them by." Worth the trouble in January!

  2. Just jam at our house. Strawberry, strawberry/gooseberry, strawberry/rhubarb, and blackberry. DH and DD1 only eat jams that are heavy on the strawberries! My youngest DD likes blackberry, me too!

  3. I didn't have a good growing season this year, but learned a lot. I'll try again next year and will hopefully have better luck.

    The little dress is going to be adorable, I can just tell. Love the fabric.

  4. We're not big fans of canned tomatoes or tomato-based I only grow enough for fresh eating. BUT, my green beans, broccoli and bell peppers performed like champs...and I have a freezer-full!


  5. I love the colors for the bishop, it will be just darling.

    I only have a few tomato plants, and so far have canned just 10 pints. I prefer pints as they are the perfect size to put in a chicken dish. The gophers ate most of the green beans - I think we lost money on those due to the gopher gassers.

  6. Sadly, my source for home-grown tomatoes (my sister's "farmette") is gone...they sold and moved to town. She's closer now, which I love, but no more tomatoes, and I live in a shaded neighborhood, so at most only 4 hours of sun a day - not enough for tomatoes...I LOVE LOVE LOVE home grown tomatoes!!! And love them canned when in the middle of winter you open one up and it smells just like summer!

  7. Tomatoes are done here but soon I'll be making more fruit preserves. Apple caramel butter is our new fall favorite.

  8. I have just frozen batches of tomato sauce, tomato soup, courgettes and mangetout! I have given away so many cucumbers. I haven't tired to dehydrate tomatoes....may look into this for next year. Mary Anne (Scotland)


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