First in the Holiday Queue

These are the fabrics I have chosen for Carly's Christmas dress. I got them at the huge Joann's in Middleton, Mass. The off white and the embossed velvet are both stretch velvets, very important to our little miss who likes all things knit. The green taffeta will be the underskirt. All will be lined with "Posh" that poly lining from Joann's that you couldn't pay me to wear but as this dress will only be worn for short periods in cold weather its OK. Carly was involved with picking everything out and it all got rubbed on her cheeks waiting for opinion. Tha taffeta passed the test and was even softer after washing. This is not a garment with heirloom sewing or extensive hand techniques. Comfort is the big issue here and the Posh was the softest option for the lining and she approved. 

For the pattern I will use Simplicity 2377, a pretty close knockoff. The sleeves are longer and fuller than the original which is what I wanted. I really do think the original dress pic is probably an infant's size as it just sits so small on the hanger. The bodice will be the creamy velvet. The taffeta underskirt will be attached and hanging freely from the bodice lining. The embossed velvet will be attached to the velvet bodice on top. The sash will be a bit different than the original dress and hopefully cuter. I hope to get cutting today. I think this will go fairly quickly and the sash will probably take the most time. 

I am also hoping to make a headband with a big silk flower matching the sash or somesuch. Carly LOVES to wear hats and would definitely wear the band all day. Her Momma got her a pink wool beret with a flower on the side in Paris and she wore it to school and most of the day there. This girl's got a piece of my heart with her hat lovin'. 

I am finding with many of the "zoomable" photos out there on the web it is not possible to get the url info by right clicking. It just "zooms." Does anyone know a way to do this? ...Bunny


  1. Happy sewing! The embossed velvet is beautiful!

  2. Those fabrics are beautiful. That is going to be one gorgeous dress.

    Bunny, when faced with images like that, I grab a screenshot. That's the only way I know to handle it.

  3. I have no idea what that means, Shams. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I so enjoy all your detailed information. I now have 2 granddaughters and look forward to doing some of the same kind of sewing for them. Your posts are so inspirational. Your BB dress reminds me of one I wore as a Junior bridesmaid. The "wings" were attached at the side seams and were gathered to ties at the ends. they were of the dress fabric on one side and a contrasting fabric on the other and you could tie them either to the front or the back for 2 totally different looks. I can't find a picture...but anyway, thanks.

  5. The dress will look great I am sure - I am looking forward to when my little grand D asks me to make things for her - can't wait to see the end product.

  6. First of all, let me say this is going to be one VERY PRETTY dress!!! Lovin' all of Carly's fabric choices & how fun that she got to have so much say in the process.

    Now about those photos...blogger has recently instituted that goofy line of photos.."Lightbox" ...that come up when you click on a picture. To get rid of it, go to "Settings" then scroll down & in the drop down
    menu next to "Showcase images with Lightbox" click "No" & be sure to save your changes.
    This will get you back to where you can see a photo enlarged when you click on it.

    Hope this helps. I also hope you are feeling better by now. You've got lots of sewing to can't be sick!!

    Hugs from a distance,

  7. Gorgeous fabrics; can't wait to see the dress done. I am so looking forward to a granddaughter someday. I am going to have so very much fun.

  8. Oh, such beautiful red velvet. Wherever did you find that.... I'm drooling all over the screen!

  9. Beautiful fabric for a beautiful dress.

    Loved the pic of the dear grandbabes. You two must have had a great time with them.

    We look forward to the time when we have grandsbabes to induldge, not in a hurry (so far). ;-)

  10. I think I may have misunderstood your question about the photos, Bunny. None the less, I think you should get rid of that "Lightbox" thing anyway, as it doesn't allow US to see your photos enlarged anymore.

    When I want the URL from a photo online, I right click on it & the left click on "view image". That should show you its URL in the top line. This may be different for you if you're using a MAC.
    Call me if this is as clear as mud, okay? LOL



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