Dibs and Dabs

Right now my sewing is a bit unfocused alternating between play and actual projects. Here is a bit of what is happening in the cave.
 First, I downloaded Gennie Wren's Emily nightgown pattern and glued it to oaktag. I know I will be making this over and over. The fabric is now cut out and getting smocked.

I took advantage of Joanns quilting fabric sale to pick up some fabrics for a summer dress for Sophie. Is this because it was a brutal 2º out while I was shopping? More than likely. It just felt right to get going on something not wooly. This fabric, along with Simplicity 2171 for a "Knot Dress" are now in the queue.
Next came some play time. I picked up these two extra large 100% wool sweaters at the local consignment shop. They both felted beautifully and I am anxious to go on these.  I also did some playtime with "foils". These have really intrigued me lately having seen some neat examples on Marcy Tilton's site as well as in retail. The foil actually works beautifully with sweater knits and that juxtaposition excites me. I'm still sorting out how this can be utilized in a garment or accessory. It's a fun medium. 
Here's a sample:
Yesterday was definitely a day of sewing ADD as you can tell. Today I am more focused and will hone in on the dolly outfit and some home dec for DD. Cabin fever is setting in..............Bunny


  1. You have intrigued me with this "felting" and I will have to investigate!

  2. I've made several dresses from that Simplicity pattern. Although I've altered the construction a bit in places (probably due to years of 'heirloom' construction techniques, I love this pattern! And they look so cute on the little girls I've made them for! I'm loving those fabrics, too.

  3. the foils look interesting - I have seen them for other crafting products but not sewing - look forward to seeing the end results.

  4. LOVE your foils! And felting thrifted sweaters....hmmmmmm.......thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Ooh, mixed mediums! I'm tellin' Mom on you! Looks like a fun day in the studio, just stay warm!!!

  6. I love that you were so busy with so many different activities. I call that a creative storm.


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