Blog Gossip and a New Bag, too!

First, the gossip, or I should say, "actual news".  I have been asked by Simplicity to be their guest blogger tomorrow on their New Look/Facebook website. I am thrilled at the request and hope you check out their page to see what is written. I am really honored that they sought me out.  So join in the fun and check it all out tomorrow on New Look FB.

My felted houndstooth bag is complete. It was quick and easy to make and here are the details. 
Fabrics: The houndstooth is 100% wool coating purchased from the Fabric Fix a couple of months back. I bought it with the intention of felting it from the get go. One go-round in a hot water wash and a hot dryer gave me just the amount of felting needed. 

The rose and stem are out of hand dyed wool so have the variations in color that I think are so special. I haven't looked at hand dyed wools for purchase in a long time but wow, a recent search told me they are VERY expensive. I need to dye some more of my own as my stash is getting down there. 

The lining is a paisley 100% silk that has been languishing as well, circa early nineties. I have used it to line jackets and such but now there is just enough left to line maybe one more bag after this one. It is a crepe de chine and lovely. 

Construction:  As I have done on a few previous felted bags, I decided to have the seam allowances on the outside and leave them raw. The SAs on the cuff, however, are sewn to the inside. The bag is made, the cuff put toegether and lined and attached to the bag, then the lining was hand stitched to the bag at the upper edge. 
When using thin, slippery silks and silkies for lining I like to back them with a weft insertion interfacing. the pocket has two divisions, is self lined, interfaced and darted, the better to fit in a phone or such. 

The bag is interfaced with Decor Bond with a piece of Peltex in the bottom of the bag on the gusset. 

The handle is a strip of the felted wool that I did zigzag on the edges just for some insurance. It will get more rubbing and wear and tear so I thought this would help it last. To keep the wool from stretching out in the strap I lined it with a "ribbon" of the silk crepe de chine. I cut a strip about an inch and a half wide. Then a 3/4 inch strip of Steam A Seam was fused down the middle. The sides were folded over the SAS and ironed. This gave me the "ribbon". It was then edgestitched to the under side of the strap. The strap is much more stable now. 
The flower and stem were attached with SAS as well. Then they were blanket stitched by hand all around for a  little more insurance and "look". The wool flower was made the same way I made the wool flower on the felted clutch which you can see here, really easy with lots of dimension.


So now it is on to the next projects. I am hitting my slipcover now and want to make a jacket muslin as well. The jacket will also require a lot of "messin' around" as I want to change the collar set up or lack thereof. I have also decided to get one of those "annual" pledges going. You know, make a jacket a month, a shirt a month, etc. Last year I did just that with pants and it really was a great learning tool but by June I felt I had enough pants and let go of the idea. This year my "monthly" will be much less demanding. I want to make one dolly dress a month and that way have a slew all ready to go at Christmas time. Anyone want to join me? We can designate one day towards the end of the month to show what we've done each month. Whadaya think? Either way, I will be making my monthly doll outfit. 

I just cut out Gennie Wren's  Emily Smocked Night Dress.  This will be my current hand work project as it has smocking and bullions, too cute. I have to go look for some tiny lace which I must have somewhere. 

Hope you stop by tomorrow on the New Look site. I will be available all day to answer any questions you post. Thanks everyone....Bunny


  1. Very pretty bag bunny. Wow first your publication in the Threads magazine and now your invite from Simplicity - I will check it out tomorrow.

    Sadly I don't make enough dolly dresses to join your sew-along, but look forward to seeing the end results.

  2. Beautiful purse, Bunny! I hope you will keep this one. ;) Congrats on the honor with Simplicity!

  3. Congratulations. I'll will be tuning tomorrow. Love the purse.

  4. Bunny the bag is soooo cute! Congrats and good luck tomorrow!

  5. Congratulations!

    The bag looks cute, too. :)

  6. I love that bag! Your idea about stabilizing the strap is a keeper. Thank you for sharing it.

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  8. Love the bag Bunny! I would love to participate in a Doll sewalong.

  9. Bag looks fantastic and congrats on the Simplicity gig!

  10. That is great news, Bunny! Wow, congratulations! Your bag is absolutely to die for! Are you sure you want to give that away? I would find it hard to part with.

  11. Darling bag! I'm looking forward to seeing the New Look site. Congratulations!

  12. Beautiful bag! You amaze me with your sewmanship, and by that I mean the way you coordinate the colors and the prints, the amazing cleanliness of your handstitching, and your ability to make everything from doll clothes and jackets to purses and slipcovers. Congrats on the New Look writing, I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow!

  13. Bunny, I'll be sure to check out the New Look site today, congratulations on the honour. Your work is an inspiration. I'm in for the doll clothing sew-along.

    Warm regards, Rosemary

  14. My understanding from Simplicity is that it was today but my experience with the Threads article is that things can be delayed and out of control. I will keep you all posted.

  15. Meant to say, out of MY control.

  16. Another beautiful bag!...and congratulations on the nod from Simplicity!

    Although I don't have a girl child in my family, I am tempted to participate in your doll clothes challenge (for myself)! lol The niece I bought an American Girl doll for is now 26! The patterns available now make it very tempting!...

    I really enjoy your is particularly inspirational....

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