Sham's Tablecloth Skirt

Since the first moment I laid eyes on Sham's fabulous design she named the "Tablecloth Skirt" I have been smitten. I am going through some skirt love lately. I think its my new boots but no matter. I want to make this skirt,  BADLY.  It is very effective in plaids. I love stripes and thought the graphic quality of the stripes could be really interesting with design.

Bloggers, check out Sham's gallery. There is a link there to a tutorial on making the skirt. It is fast, simple, and her analytical mind has reduced this pattern to it's utter substance, a design gem. I cut out my circle for the hips tonight and hope to move along with this tomorrow. This is so quick to make it is brilliant. I would love one or two out of linen for the summer.

Here is a quick pic of my new wall unit. I love it. It brings out a lot of the goodies I have hidden away. I really like to see my "palette" for inspiration. I have gone from a tidy sewing studio, rather minimalist, to one with lots of inspiration hanging around. More to come............Bunny


  1. And you know I can't wait to see it, Bunny! :D

  2. Your wall unit is a work of art!
    Can't wait to see your skirt. I am so intrigued by this design, but I still cannot bring myself to make it, because I have a feeling that I will end up not wearing it. May-be if I see enough of them...

  3. Love the wall unit!!
    Can't wait to see the new skirt, I lovedShams' skirt.

  4. The wall unit is wonderful. It makes me wish I had more stashed trims so I could hang them up in my sewing room. Your skirt looks like it's going to be interesting with those stripes.

  5. I would also be a great place to hang interfacings and stabilizers. I may end up switching things out now and then. Right now I have a really good set up for my interfacings so no go there. I also thought for my new wall unit, rolls of white, beige, and black interfacings would be pretty boring. I wanted a bit of excitement here. I think I have gone into a more "cluttered" look, not usually my MO but I think it will be inspirational.

  6. great wall unit - will have to have a word with my carpenter son ha ha Look forward to seeing the skirt

  7. I am so interested in Sham's design and the lovely examples being posted and pinned...but the idea of that much fabric on me makes me stop and consider. Perhaps in a lightweight linen or cotton-hmmm. The fabic you are using looks familiar-I believe I made some Clovers out of that run.

  8. Wonderful wall unit and to be able to have those ribbons out where you can see them is just fantastic.

  9.,16387.0.html Also see entries #23 and 31# for an adaption of sham's Tablecloth Skirt. Eventually I plan to try this skirt but want it a bit shorter as I am only 5'2" tall.

  10. Great storage cabinet, Bunny...I'm jealous & will have to start looking around for something similar for my sewing room. My ribbons are a MESS!

    Off to check out the skirt now...thanks for the tip.


  11. Hi there Bunny,

    Love the shot of your sewing room, with all your goodies.

    Huge congratulations on the publication of your fabulous red jacket in Threads; really must re-subscribe to the magazine.

  12. I adore your new rack....actually I'm rather green of your's very impressive (as I'm trying to do the same here in my studio!!)


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