Spring is Sprung!

Or I should say Mud Season has arrived in the Adirondacks. There's not a bit of snow left on the ground and the Deer River iu our back yard is doing its annual rage.

It is so sunny today that I got out my first load of laundry on the line since last year. I have spent two trips and two days trying to pull together the prints for Carly's dress. I need three. In a perfect world I would have a large floral, a small dot and a stripe. Because my inspiration fabric was the mint/raspberry piece in the middle it was difficult to find coordinates. I am hoping these work.

I am also having second thoughts about the knot dress. The little ruffly number pillowcase type dress I made Sophie last year is really cute too so that may  be it. I will spend this afternoon going through my girly patterns and see what hits me. Its way too muddy to work in the yard and I will get a long walk in after so no guilt about going into the cave on such a glorious day. 
I spent time this morning felting and foiling. I am still waiting for something to gel. The purple boucle I purchased a couple of weeks ago felts beautifully. Do I dare? Not sure. I have figured out a couple of ways to foil, one keeping the foil shinier and the other making it more part of the textile.


On the left you can see a bow out of felted pink wool. Playing with that idea too. I love it on the orange wool I got recently and felted as well.

So as Spring springs, I am dawdling between projects, neither one turning on my sewing OCD. But I will forge through, just like these daffodils, and know it will all happen in the end. Happy Spring!....Bunny


  1. A river at the bottom of your garden! I'd love that. Our daffadolies are already up and the cherry trees are in blossom here in the UK.

  2. Our daffodils are at their peak right now...a full month earlier than last year. I cleaned out the tulip bed yesterday, as the leaves are about 8 inches tall already. An early Spring...but we could use some rain! I'm looking at the big fat flower buds on the dogwood and the pear trees...and it makes me worry. A heavy frost will do 'em in.

    I loved the knot dress...and I can't wait to see what you come up with for the other. Kinda makes me wish I had a munchkin to sew for!


  3. Wow the river is spectacular I would love that too - Mike and I are currently looking for land overlooking a river in Suffolk in the UK so we can build our house - hour daffodils are now flowering which is lovely to see.

  4. Tulips rising - love it. Thank you for your comment!

  5. Such hopeful and pretty pictures of your yard! Thanks for sharing them. We are a bit behind you-the warm corners have bulbs peeping up and the groundcovers are starting to green up. But it is still barren limbs and greyish green grass. Soon....

    1. I didn't realize you lived in the Adirondacks. It's so pretty up there. My extended family has some summer homes at Schroon Lake - is that near you? I'm hoping to get up there one of these days since one of the houses was just completely re-done to be year-round and I'd love to see it.

    2. Schroon Lake is a bit further south from here. We are at the northernmost edge of the Adirondack Park, 20 minutes to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The Adirondacks are an area of over 6 million acres so its easy to be in it and not be too close. Let me know if you are ever up here. I would love to hook up.

  6. Spring is here, too! Time to brave the mud!

  7. I think you have Spring Fever!! Me, too!! It has been soooooo nice here this week & it looks like we're in for another full week of warm weather. I can't bear to be inside during the day.

    Your felting projects are very intriguing & that pink bow on the orange is very fresh looking!



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