Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fit Update on the Circle Dress, Simp 2466

I brought the Circle Dress to Carly this past week and she loved it. I made a big mistake, however. I did not check Pattern Review before making up this pattern. Shame on me! It clearly has fit issues which I soon discovered with Carly's try on. The pattern looked big to me so I made a size 4 for my little munchkin who takes a five. Carly carries her weight in her chest and shoulders. This dress hung off the shoulders and the yoke/underarm area could have carried my own arm. Why didn't I notice this? Other reviewers had issues with the fit and I would definitely recommend reading the reviews on PR for this pattern before starting. How was I going to fix this? Well others described their retrofits but here is what I did:

First I addressed the armhole. I took a tuck on each side of the side seam, basically making a box pleat that was one inch wide. I hand stitched this together. If Carly ever needs more room this will be an easy rip out. It does affect the hang of the circle but not enough for the uninitiated to ever notice the issue.

Next, I made a strap just like the one that ties the back closure together. Make this long enough to have a bit of tail. Make two strips. Push the fabric flat at the elastic and stitch on the strap as above. The top will look like this when done:

Here you can see the adjusted dress:
That extra set of straps across the back keeps it all together and I think looks cute, no one wiser. I think the straps work well enough that you could automatically add them to the design without worry.

I know that you could also read the PR reviews and if you are mathematically inclined redraft the yoke and skirt. I would take out a good two inches from both front and back if doing it that way. Frankly, this seemed a much easier correct to me. She loved her circle dress and can't wait to get it back to wear.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone, for all your words of kindness and prayers. It was and is difficult but we know Danny is at peace and in a better place. He was honored with dignity, respect, and grace for the short life he led. For those of you coping with mental illness in your families my heart goes out to you. I know how difficult it can be. Blessings on all of you and thank you again. Lovingly,,,,Bunny


  1. (((Bunny)))
    That dress is adorable, and I had to smile at your confession that you should have checked the PR reviews. Been there, done that.

  2. Bunny what a shame that you didn't read the PR Review, but I confess sometimes I do and sometimes I don't so I guess I am just as bad. Stil great fix.

  3. So so cute, Bunny! Thank goodness that you have mad sewing skillz and could rescue the dress from the poor fit.

  4. I had the same issue with that pattern. I removed about two inches of the elastic from around the armhole. Also added a small ruffle across the front around the neck line to increase the height.

  5. Nice save. I've started checking PR. The pattern companies goof too often.

  6. Sometimes you just have to wonder if the do test of patterns on real children. Glad you came up with a fix.

  7. Okay, I confess I don't know what PR means, help.


    1. PR is short for Pattern Review, a wonderful sight for sewists. On it you will find reviews of all things sewing related, a great forum, classes, experts, and more. Nearly every pattern company imaginable is represented and their patterns reviewed by real sewist. It is a GREAT resource.

    2. Thank you, Bunny. Will check it out online. have sewn for years, but never heard of it before.

  8. I had the same problem with this pattern! It's far too wide in the shoulders and body, ( but for those of you making the pants, they fit fine). Good to see you thought of a fix! That extra tie will be going on my granddaughters top, too! ( Fran, PR=Pattern Review)

  9. This little dress turned out SEW pretty, Bunny! I love how you described your "save"...very creative & it actually adds a really nice detail to the back.

    Very pretty PINK & MINT GREEN together anytime!

    I'm glad you're back home, safe & sound.


  10. Bunny your info for a FBA on this type top is something I think I would be able to handle. Thank you so much! Being a 36BB (bearly a B) myself, I thought I'd never have to learn how to do a FBA. Never thought. I'd be doing one for some one else.

  11. Just want you to know that I am missing you! Hope everything is okay with you and yours, I check daily to see if you are back to blogging.

  12. Come back soon. I check every day at least a couple times to see if you are here.....thinking about you....

  13. Bunny,
    I have been enjoying your blog and admiring your work for some time now and wanted to say thank you. I'm so sorry for the painful loss you and your family are experiencing. Hoping that a measure of peace finally returns to all who loved Danny.


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