Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Fun

I got most of my client work done, one more thing this morning and then it is home free time! I did manage to get a lot of silk and linen strips pleated and dyed and here are some drying out on the line. There were lots more than you can see here. It looks like those close pins are squeezing the life out of my pieces but in reality  they only touch the part with no pleats Dyeing is just such fun. You never know what is going to come out, at least the crazy way I do it. These all started out as strips of white linen or pale solid silks.  I have some wool I hope to get dyed soon, too.

You can see Spring is just starting  here. Yesterday we had the hummingbirds arrive so the feeders went right up. Hopefully they will establish here. Each years seems to bring a couple more, maybe offspring?

In case you haven't looked since the first time, I added some more types of smocking to the last post. You may want to check it out. 

I need to shop for my slipcover fabric. Wait till you see this horrendous chair, one that is solid and well built but, UGLY. I just never know what DH will bring home when bartering....Bunny


  1. You are having fun with dyeing and smocking those jewelry pieces. I had no idea there were so many types of smocking. I want to make a fabric "cuff" type bracelet. Smocking would look awesome for one, decorated with beads and ribbons.

  2. Wow, those are lovely samples!

  3. My friend has humming birds in her garden in Houston - I am soooooo jelous.

    I think I need to add more dyed projects to my list - a real inspiration Bunny.

  4. You have peaked my interest in this smocked jewelry... you are going to show us more Yes?!!!

  5. Love the smocked jewelry--truly unique and beautiful. Elle

  6. Has anyone seen this book? I wondered what opinions of it might be...

    Thanks Bunny for another great post.


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