Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mojo Postponed!

My rubeckias and zinnias are just glorious right now despite our current drought conditions. No thanks to massive hand watering, thank you!

Thanks for all the sympathies about our recent flood situation. You are all so kind. We are over the worst. The floors and everything else are now bone dry. Rugs are cleaned and everything has been given it's dose of fungicide. We are in good shape and ready to start redecorating which I am excited about. This weekend however we are traveling down to NH for the wedding and family time. Danny's project is complete other than putting it on stretcher strips and I hope to have pics soon. I am pleased and it was a real evolution. We will be dealing with phase two, construction, of our situation when we get home. I am itching to sew and am tossing around what to attack first. The list is long: window treatments for upstairs, slipcover the wing chair, make my winter coat, a jacket for work, work on a new padded out dress form, etc..etc...etc...The ideas are backing up densely in the queue. I will also keep up on newbie posts as soon as things get a little more sane here which should be pretty soon. In the meantime a brief break is in order. Thanks for your understanding. Happy sewing!...Bunny
 The driest corner of the back basement where everything got pushed from my once organized sewing room. Yuck! It is never like this.


  1. glad that you managed to rescue all your stuff - look forward to seeing the pic's of Danny's project which I am sure will be well received.

  2. Hope the construction goes quickly. Good Luck and enjoy your break with family at the wedding.

  3. Big difference between the first picture and the second! The Rudbeckias and Zinnias mix really well together. Something to try another summer. North America has hotter summers than England, but you are so far North that I think, if you can do it, we can try it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing Danny's project. It is such a thoughtful and tender gift to be able to give his parents.
    Good luck with all the flood renovations. Our house flooded in a hurricane when I was a kid. It was absolutely awful.

  4. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself! The flowers are gorgeous too.

  5. I know how devastating such a situation can be and you and your husband sound as if you have handled it all with aplomb (oh, I've been wanting to use that word for ages!).... have a great weekend and best wishes for a speedy restoration!

  6. "A padded out dressform" - I can't wait to hear how you do that. Please, please push it forward in your queue :) I am currently working on a method using the Vogue fitting pattern as per Gorgeous Things blog but they haven't finished after several weeks, so I suspect they are having some problems. How are you planning to do it?


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