Can you feel it?

The excitement, that is! Yup, its me, the excited one. I have spent two solid days cleaning, chucking and moving around all the furniture and "stuff" that was ramrodded into the furthest depths of my basement, all lifted off the floor and piled high. Where was my ironing board? Heck, where was my ironing?

Things are finally approachable, findable, and  space is negotiable. I CAN SEW AGAIN!!! Now don't get me wrong. This is not the Ritz Carleton. What it is is clean, somewhat organized, and able to be utilized for sewing. My new patterns aren't underneath stacks of saved photos, (thank God for saved family photos!). I now am back to knowing where everything is, have a cutting table set up, actually in the family room in front of the big window, nice! Then there are the clean counters, ironing board set up, all dry and smelling great. Worked my buns off!  It will all get shoved back in a pile right before the contractor arrives in a few weeks but for now, Momma's happy.

Pair that with a trip to the fabric store and you can feel the love, I tell ya. My formerly mojoless, depressed state of mind is now brimming with possiblity. Here is the my newly inspired queue. Hopefully I will get to tackle it all.

This is a piece of poly suede with a metalized surface. I think it will be gorgeous for a bag. The bolt end says do not machine wash, do not dry clean, do not use a dryer, do not iron,  basically wash by hand and lay flat. No matter. I think it will make a gorgeous bag of some sort. Will I be screaming by the end of that project? Maybe.

Here is a really nice cotton, what I truthfully thought was a tiny wale cord, but not so upon a really close inspection. Any way, I like the quality, nice heft and soft drape. This will be made into a smocked pinafore for Sophie to wear with leggings and a tee.

This is  lovely 2.99 wooden placemat from Home Goods ( wedding trip )  I hope to turn into a bag. If you haven't seen how that magic happens check Rhonda Buss's version and directions.

Still more in the queue bringing back my mojo. I really want to make a padded out dress form as taught by Kenneth King. You can see one being made on the Adonizing blog.  I think I will start with the Vogue sloper pattern shown here:
 ETA: Forgot to add I want to get started on my winter coat as well. I got some gorgeous black wool at Fabric Place Basement in Natick, Mass. I have a couple of vintage swing coat patterns in the stash being saved up for this project. I have since seen a couple made up on other blogs and while they were beautiful coats they seemed to swallow up the wearers and I'm only five feet tall. So I am leaning toward this Indygo Junction pattern. I like the neckline a lot and it has a bit less swing but does have some. The sleeves made need a little work. I would also make it knee length which would add a bit of swing as well.  So that's in the queue also.

These are all ideas rolling around in my mind as I relish the idea of getting back into my cave. You can't keep this girl down!

On our "wedding trip" DH and I averaged 50 MPG with our new little Chevy Cruz Eco, our first American made vehicle since we got married! We are thrilled with the mileage and even more thrilled that this great little car is made in the good ole USA. To bad those Olympic uniforms weren't, Mr. Lauren....Bunny


  1. Look forward to seeing your creations, especially the bags.

  2. love the idea of the bag being made out of the place mat - your fabrics look lovely. Glad you are getting everything back together and look forward to seeing what comes out of your cave next.

  3. My goodness you do have a creative mind! Can't wait to see the bags come together...

  4. congratulations on that mileage! That is something to celebrate - I completely understand!
    I am so glad you are getting things back to normal at home.

  5. Wow! The mojo is back with a vengeance! So happy for you, there are lots of great projects coming! Love, love, love that pretty cotton! And 50 mpg?! Holy moly, thats awesome!

  6. Good for you! This is exactly what Marcy Tilton and Diane Ericson wold have advised - go clean out the sewing room to make way for mojo! (OK, I paraphrase...)

    The fabric is beautiful and I can't wait to see your place mat purse!

  7. I love that metalized fabric, it will be awesome as a bag, just don't forget that in those possible tear out your hair moments! I like the sounds of the bag out of the placemat too, when I saw the photo I thought, that would be cool as a bag and then I saw it was a place mat and thought, oh okay... but then you said you were making a bag and I thought, sweet!

  8. I shall be very interested to see how you get on with the Chinois Jacket. I made it in silk to go over a brocade shift for my daughter's wedding. It looked terrific. You are right about the sleeves needing work. I found the very dropped shoulders and kimono type sleeves hung in too many awkward folds. You can actually see that in the pattern envelope picture. I ended up re-cutting the side front/armhole and the sleeves to give a smoother more "set-in" look. And although my daughter has quite a long neck I ended up halving the collar height. Even so I had to put in a little piece of boning to hold the upper front and the collar up straight. With a heavier fabric and stiffer interlining you might not need that. I did like the big buttons. I used very large size covered buttons but with a covered snap, not a buttonhole, because I was afraid a buttonhole might drag. And we both loved the swing back and the tab. Given that there is no fastening below the upper bust, will it hold together well enough, if knee length, to be warm enough for your bitter winters? I'm thinking I had better do a review for pattern review if I can find some pictures. Anyway I am sure your result will be stunning - all your sewing is!
    Anne Frances

    1. Wow, really appreciate your input, Anne. I will do a muslin first and work on those sleees. Every swing coat pattern I have seen completed has major dropped sleeves and that adds to the "wrap me in a blanket" look. I have very narrow shoulders and that drop just won't work. Years ago I tried on a swing coat in a designer salon of a department store and it was gorgeous, despite my five feet. So I know I can take the volume of the skirt if the upper bodice and sleeves work.

      The Barickman design is not lined. I will fully line it and interface it like any good wool coat. This will be a big project.

      As far as the closure, I will do three big buttons and the snaps underneath. I am still not sure whether to do knee length or be more realistic to my climate and to it the "retro" length. We'll see with the muslin. I think I will make it long, cut it back, take pics of each length, and ask for everyone's opinion.

    2. Just wanted to add that the bust measurement for this in a size small is 42 inches!

      I also don't like things in pairs and I think a 3 button closure will look better.

  9. Thanks for the link Bunny. So very nice of you to do!!!!!

  10. This is good news! So glad you can sew again, when you want to. It's awful being without our sewing spaces.

  11. I've put my review up on Pattern Review now. I hope it may be helpful


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