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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vogue 8406, the Faux Foiled Suede Bag, aka, FFS Bag

It feels really good to start a project. I figured I would get the quickest gratification from stitching a bag using the  recently  purchased metalized faux suede. This Vogue pattern is OOP (out of print) and it's too bad. It has three very different designs offered in the pattern. I have made View B twice but this time I will do Bag A for the first time. I like it's simplicity and those outside pockets. I wanted something really simple to best show off the fabric and this should do that nicely. This pattern is on numerous Etsy sites if you are interested. 

While I know I have publicly sworn off of dark lining for bags (don't like black holes), this bit of tencel was a great compliment to the coppery tones of the suede. It also provided more of that instant gratification thing that I am going for here. You see, my days in the cave are numbered. The wood has been purchased and painting will start tomorrow as well. That will push everything out of the space, everything! I will bring my machine, ironing board, and cutting mat up to the great room and make do on my kitchen island. I think it will work. Won't be what we are used to but hey, it's temporary and I have to have my fix. 

The first thing I will do for this project tomorrow will be to experiment with the stitching and topstitching. I think some play is needed to figure out which needle will work best. I'm betting the 14 HS stretch might be the one but will also try a microtex as well. 

I put the two fabric pics in because the top one is a better pic of the lining and the small one is a better pic of the FFS (faux foiled suede). At this point the fashion fabric and lining are cut out. This time I will use the recommended hair canvas as spec'd in the pattern. This design doesn't require too much shape so I am not concerned with the drape the hair canvas will  provide. I find Vogue often specs hair canvas for bags that, in my opinion, really should have more structure. But this one should work out fine. I should be able to work on this tomorrow and hope to get going bright and early. At least between bouts of preparing these:

Aren't they gorgeous? It's that time of year! I will roast these puppies along with a bit of onion, lots of garlic until they are caramelized around the edges of the pan. Then it will all be scooped up, put into freezer zip locs, and frozen to await the depths of winter for enjoyment. This so beats the canning process which I did for years. And it tastes tons better! I think we cried when we ate the last bag around last February.......Bunny


  1. That bag will be just gorgeous, but I do have my doubts about the lining. But if you think it's the perfect lining, then what can you do? You just have to go for it!

    I only have one tomato plant and have frozen some after peeling and stewing a bit. The roasting sounds intriguing, I think I may give your method a try. I'm so tired of canning, it just isn't right to be boiling so much water during the hottest days of the year!

  2. I got way behind in blog reading and just caught up with you. I'm so sorry about your flooding. What a long process it is to restore things and get your space back. I hope it goes smoothly for you!
    The handbag should be a good project to work on during this time. It looks like it's going to be really nice.

  3. I have found it impossible to keep up with growing my veg since we divided our time between two houses, so am restricted to herbs. Your tomatoes look wonderful and I too love tomatoes roasted in the oven with onion and garlic (I make a pasta dish out of them).

    Enjoy your first project following the restoration of your room.

    1. True confessions: I did not grow these gorgeous tomatoes. DH and I decided that our Amish neighbor's vegetables, which he sells and relies on to make his living, are far superior to what we have ever been able to produce. So this is the first year we have forgone our veggie garden. I get my produce from Mr. Kiem and it is always gorgeous and wonderfully priced. I don't know his secrets but even in this horrible drought we are having up here, his veggies are gorgeous. We are really glad about that decision and have tried to concentrate more on the landscaping. This drought has done a number on that too!

  4. I'm so glad to read your thoughts again, Bunny. My heart ached for you as I thought about the mess with which you've had to cope since the pipe burst. Gracious! Question about the tomatoes: What do you mean by, "...until they are caramelized..."? With the house repair, sewing of the bag, and the freezing of the tomatoes, you are one BUSY lady!

  5. That bag will be beautiful! Like you, I avoid dark linings in bags. But what about purchasing one of those tiny bright lights and giving it a home in there? :)

    Those tomatoes look gorgeous. Buying them from your neighbor is a great example of "buying local", and I would do exactly the same.

  6. I love it when you start a project!

  7. The bag looks like it will be lovely. Can't wait to follow your progress. Btw, I told my followers about your bullion tute since the book I recommend is getting hard to find. A - Z of Bullion Embroidery by Country Bumpkin. Do you know of any others good bullion embroidery books I might refer them to that's still being published? Thanks!


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