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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vogue 8406, the FFS Bag

I have an issue with the zipper on this bag. With fabric that has as much going on as this one, well, you need a honkin' zipper. So I got a big toothed number that will be further embellished. It is put in per the pattern directions, what I would call the "windowpane" bound buttonhole method. The piece of fabric that is sewn right sides together to the front of the bag with a long box the size of the zip is then turned to the inside. The zipper is topstitched to this "window." This is all according to directions. Not a problem, at least until you get to topstitch the zip and then can't stitch the  ends of the zipper because one simply cant sew through a zip, particularly a honkin' zip! So I didn't, simple as that. I secured the zip with two rows of topstitching on either side of the teeth. For the ends I did my work on the inside.
It's too hard to see but the green arrows show the stitching ling that I did to the zipper/pocket lining to secure the ends. The zipper end is inside the black pocket lining. I sewed it, including the zip tape, at an angle till I got to the teeth, then I lifted the presser foot, jumped over to the other side and sewed back down the tape, again which is hidden under the fabric. It feels really solid and I hope will be secure enough. I think with a bit of daring you could maybe sew through a normal dress zipper, not that I would recommend it though. This is just something to be aware of with this particular pattern.

This bag is topstitched all over. Since it doesn't show much, I decided to double topstitch as you can see here on the pocket. This metallic fabric is like a busy print. The details get lost. I need some contrasting texture or something to break it up a bit. You will see what I came up with! I will get back to this on the weekend and just have the lining to put in now. Then after that I have to pick up my paintbrush and start painting the once flooded family room. Picking out paint color is the hardest thing two married people can do. After numerous five dollar cans of paint samples we have finally decided on "Nantucket Dune". Doesn't that sound nice?

* Thanks to Rhonda Buss for the totally unexpected props in her blog today. If you would like to read it here's the link: Rhonda's Creative Life. .  She has a great blog with lots of wonderful garments that she has designed herself. She gives you the 411 on how to work up your own versions of her great designs. Enjoy!.....Bunny


  1. Thanks Bunny. I am VERY honored to have you as a follower and now I am yours as well!!! I don't know how some people are able to follow all the blogs they do. I decided that on the day I showcase a blog, that will be the day I start following. So I follow 2 new blogs per week. Helps me to ease into the process.
    Love the fabric for your bag. Look forward to the finished piece.

  2. This bag looks great so far. Can't wait to see what you've done to break up its busy-ness.
    I have inserted zippers in bags the same way and I know what you're up against. So far, mine have been in lighter weight fabric, and normal weight coil zippers, so sewing across the ends was ok. But your information is helpful for the day when I'm working with a thick, stiff zipper!

  3. The double topstitching really adds subtle interest. Yup, those honking zips are fun, aren't they? I won't sew over a normal zipper as I've had too many needles break on me in the past.

    Both hubby and I have pretty bland taste when it comes to paint, so that's one thing we have been pretty easy on, weird, isn't it? Not knowing a thing about New England decorating, (are you in New England?), I couldn't say what "Nantucket Dune" looks like, but it does sound nice!

    Good photography, by the way. I'm having a terrible time with it.

    1. Thanks, I am blessed with a nice camera. DSIL gets the latest and greatest every year as he takes pics daily in his business, an orthodontist. I got them passed on to me when needed.

      DH and I definitely decorate in a New England style, and love Shaker simplicity in particular. That is unusual for around here where the decorating, even on new homes, is mid 1950s. People are still putting knotty pine paneling in every room possible in their homes. They are very dark as a result. This made it take a long time to find a home we liked when we moved here. Luckily, we came upon this one, built by a contractor who had just retired up here from Connecticut so it was much more to our liking. We have always said that when and if we need to sell this place if we fill it up with knotty pine it will sell in a heartbeat. Yuk, in my book, no offense to anyone who likes that. It's just not our cup of tea. When we have local company over their eyes open wide and they seem to love the home, bright and light and simple. You just don't see that around here.

  4. Lovely fabric. There doesn't appear to be a link. Maybe it's my computer.

    1. I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. A good solution as it looks really nice.

  6. I love your choice in fabric...and also love that you allow us to see! You always have such wonderful tips and solutions...very usable advise. Thanks so much for sharing!


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