Friday, December 7, 2012

I drank the Kool-Aid......

Recently, through threads on the Artisan's Square Stitcher's Guild forum and the Pattern Review forum I have become aware of Sure Fit Designs. I have drunk the Kool Aid. The very numerous results I am seeing from all shapes and sizes of women have me eager and encouraged. Their results are phenomenal. Add to that the legendary customer service of Glenda Sparling, the owner, and it is a win/win situation. Glenda makes a sale. I make fabulous, I hope, pants. Lots more to come on this but in the meantime check out the links. This is one, a biggy, from the Stitcher's Guild that shows some wonderful pictures and accomplishment.  I am so excited about this venture. Hang in there and I will take you along for the ride!


Not much sewing is happening here and won't be for a bit. Tomorrow our floors get installed and we can finally get life back to an organized normal. That will take some time. Then there are all the traditional happenings having to do with celebrating Christmas  in our family. We will be gone the week before as well. I will try to blog as much as possible, posting my opinions on various things and bringing attention to others but actual sewing will be a bit sparse for the next couple of weeks. Did I say that was killing me? It is my sanity keeper. My queue is getting quite long and I am not sure what to start first.  Working out my new Sure Fit Designs pants blueprint is way up there. So is making my winter coat. I am still all over the place when it comes to Pattern Choice. I love the coat recently completed by Robin at A Little Sewing. It has the roominess and warm collar that I am looking for. But swing coats are my siren. I think I may have to just make one up in a muslin and get it out of my system. I also considering Amy Barickman's Chinois Coat.

More sewing talk to come, actual sewing, not for a couple of weeks.Stay tuned!...Bunny


  1. Hope the floor project is going well. I know that you will be very happy to once again have your home back in order.

    1. Rhonda, I just got home from work. The installation is 90% with millwork going in tomorrow. It is looking FABULOUS and way better than each of us expected. We are so pleased and then some. I think tomorrow I will go firm up our window treatments, white extra wide wooden blinds. Let me put it this way. Now we want to redo the upstairs with the same wood. We've never been crazy about what came with the house which we bought new but completed. Time and budget will decide. For now I am just thrilled with this project reachig completion.

  2. Hi Bunny - I just found Mrs. Mole recently and you are so right, she is hilarious and tells it like it is.


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