A Quickie No Sew Project

I sure hope you don't get the flu. I am getting over being sick enough to be out of work for a week and sicker than I've been in many many years. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And I and my three co workers, who were just as sick, all had our flu shots, too!

This was a small no sew project that  gave me a bit of sewing satisfaction this morning. I guess I should call it Faux Sewing because not a needle moved on this one.
I have two of these chairs. They have never been outside or in the sun at all. But they have been in my basement packed away for seven years. They are heavy duty, sturdily built and worth saving. I have always loved them. But age has faded their glory. I switched them out in the big remodel and brought them upstairs to replace two nasty chairs that I never liked. We have a "light" look to the great room and I think they fit in nicely. But those big boring cushions.....oy...

 I got 2 1/4 yards of home dec fabric and just cut it in half. I serged the raw edges.

 I centered the cushions on the fabric over on my island, just a convenient spot. Then  I proceeded to fold and pin with safety pins. The straight front piece needed to be nice and flat.

So it was a simple matter of fold and pin. I may make a nice piped cushion further up the road but this gave me some immediate satisfaction, something I really needed after not having sewn for a while. I like the result.
In the spring the chairs will go outside to be spiffed up. My research has shown me that a gel stain will make these look like new and then a quick coat of urethane spray to finish. I think they will look great when all is said and done but in the meantime they look better than what was previously in this space. I think you can see their potential. When hubby was in a furniture moving mood I had to take advantage and get them up here. Now on to some real sewing! (The camera angle makes it look kind of skew but it's not.)


  1. Oh, Bunny! I have to laugh because that's EXACTLY how I "reupholstered" my dining room chairs about 8 years ago! Except I didn't bother with the serging. And every time I have company, I look at them and think that I should really do them properly. And every time my company leaves, I forget all about it!! ;)

  2. Nice refashion Bunny. I need to make some new cushion covers, four to be exact ahd have been really procrastinating about it.

  3. Very Nice....this way they will be easy to take off and launder, if need be..

  4. So sorry to hear you have been poorly - I hope you are on your way to a good recovery. Nifty way to reupholster your cushions - lovely chairs.

    get well soon.

  5. Only you will know your chair covers are held with pins. Whatever works is good. Those wicker chairs sell for a huge amount of money. I had a couple of them and a couch that I got for free, and unfortunately gave them away. I could kick myself now. Hope you stay well. That flu, I've heard, is just horrible.

  6. These are pretty chairs. I would love to see them after you stain them. Quickie no-sew projects can be so satisfying. I am just getting over the flu, following my husband and daughter, and we all had flu shots. Fortunately for me, though, my bout with the flu was milder than theirs. Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Hope you continue to feel better. Love the transformation of the chair. It looks so rich and lovely.

  8. Good wicker like that is worth keeping! The fabric is a nice happy color choice & I can just see you sitting down with a cuppa something hot & the newest Threads magazine. That is, if you can find time to relax a bit.

    I'm sorry you were so sick. Based on your experiences, I'm trying even harder to avoid people & I'm washing my hands constantly. I, too, finally got my flu shot, but was told it was only 60% effective this year.

    I hope you get to sew something soon. You NEED it!
    Warm Hugs,

  9. Bunny, I rarely visit blogs, but am so glad I visited yours this morning! When Lisbeth first moved into her college condo, we did this very cushion covering technique, sans serging, on some cushions for a white wicker chair and settee for her "keeping room" area between the kitchen and dining room....down to the safety pins to hold everything tightly! We used a beautiful Ralph Lauren pima cotton sheet in a splashy floral pattern. It's a wonderful way to update or punch up and add a little color.


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