Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bulletin Boards, anyone???

I'd be willing to bet that a good 85% of all  our sewing spaces contain a bulletin board. I'd also bet we each use them differently. Some are strictly inspiration,  others tracking centers and even other family albums. Mine seems to be a little bit of all of those things. What is on yours? I would love to know. Here's my breakdown.

  • The home I grew up in and loved in Lafayette, Louisiana. They tell me now its on the National Historic Register. Those are huge pecan trees that we used to pick by the sackfull.
  • A holy card remembrance from my Mom's passing. 
  • A bias tape maker
  • Buttons that I love and think are so pretty but can never find a use for
  • A pic of my smocked bag that came in honorable mention in the Kaufmann fabric challenge.It toured the country too!
  • A piece of wool boucle with an attempt at foiling on it. I like it but who wants to foil expensive wool boucle. There is a lot more of that boucle in the stash. 

  • A picture of Sophie with Bunbun in her flower girl dress made by same. She is eight now and growing to be such a beauty. 
  • Me bathing my first born grandchild. This was the thrill of my life. His parents left him with me for a weekend. You grandmothers all understand. He is eleven now and so tall.
  • A brooch I made out of rhinestone buttons I picked up at a Hadassah Thrift sale. The suit was awful but the buttons were great. Once in a while I actually wear it and it looks great on a black coat. 
  • Sample of a topstitching technique. 
  • Practice piece of embroidery with bullions on some red cashmere. This became one of many embroidered hearts on a little cashmere coat for Carly. 
  • Notes on a fabric swatch regarding stitch length, tensions, etc.
  • A lonely black button???

  • Another bias tape maker
  • Label provided with some Irish wool that a family member gifted me. 
  • Clip for pants of swayback women. You clip it from belt loop to belt loop to pull in the back. Haven't tried it yet.
  • My bracelet from the hospital where I was born. My Mom always kept it and I found in her box of special things when she passed. At one time you did not get a plastic bar coded bracelet as a hospital ID. You got a bracelet made of ceramic beads with  your name spelled out. It has my name right but clearly gender difference were not being made with the color of the beads. 
  • Morning prayer to start my day on the yellow card. 
  • Thank you from a treasured sewing friend I helped. 
  • Directions from Threads for a tiny hem technique, not the Kenneth King one.
  •  Chart I made giving tensions, widths, lengths of stitches I use frequently. This has been invaluable. 
  •  Photocopy of a page from somewhere telling how to get the straight of grain/crease on a pant leg. I always seem to forget this. 
This little bulletin board, covered in white metalasse, thank you, really says a lot about me, about what I value. What does your sewing room bulletin board say about you? Are you strictly fabric swatches and patterns? tons of family pictures? pics of garment completed? I would love to hear what's on your board. Curious minds are asking...........Bunny


We live pretty close to that area that got the 36 inches of snow in upstate NY two nights ago. It is now melting and coming downstream. Our river is now roaring but as always safely away from the back door. But the roar!!!! You can't imagine...................Bunny


  1. My wall space is soooo limited, I only have one tiny bulletin board, but I keep trying to figure out how to expand it. Yours is inspirational (and what a fun idea to do a post about it - I may steal this one in the future lol!)

    Mind has the requisite swatches pinned on 3x5 cards with drawings of what I have in mind, a few special vintage buttons & belt buckles pinned here & there, a sample swatch of fabric with all of the decorative stitches on my modern machine, samples of some inspirational buttonhole treatments and other small practice bits, and some scraps of paper with tips & techniques drawn on. And it's framed by old zippers. That's a lot on one small board!

  2. I have a small board, mostly covered with pics of garments I would love to use as inspiration for upcoming projects. Whether I get around to them or not, they're always fun to look at.

  3. I have most of my necklaces hung on my bulletin board. It's right next to the only full length mirror in the house, so it's often the last place I am before heading out the door. I just found it to be very convenient (and it looks pretty) so sacrificed my mishmash of sewing inspiration I used to store there. Now I've got and inspiration shoebox!

  4. A necklace board, how cool is that?

  5. Sorry to say I am in the 15% that don't have a bulletin board. I guess it has to do with so little "me" sewing I have time for with all the brides 11 months of the year. One day I will have an inspiration board but for now everything is stored away in the computer for another day. Thank you for sharing yours, Bunny along with your raging river. We have the same situation here in the Northwest with Spring thaws...the power of nature just takes your breath away!

  6. Yes I do,Bunny, and mine looks a lot like yours...a bit of everything from parts to a project, photos of projects/clients, notes, actual projects (apron), scissors, etc.! I love my board!

  7. I used to have a bulletin board, but like Kelley, mine had such a "mishmash of sewing inspiration" that it began to make me feel stressed rather than motivated. But gee...I like the idea of using a bulletin board to hang jewelry. Maybe I'll buy a small one and put it in the bedroom and get rid of the box that's so tangled and cluttered that I can't find anything in it! (PS - I use Evernote to store ideas and pix.)

  8. Fun post; I have a BB that I'll photograph and post. Like yours, it has bits of lots of things.......and memories...........

  9. What a nice post, thank you for sharing. I don't really have a bulletin board but use the wall between the sewing worktop and a shelf above it as such. Memories and inspiration both. I'll do a post on mine one of these days. Thanks for the lovely idea.

    1. It's great to see that other bloggers will post theirs. I can't wait to see them all.

  10. I guess I am one of the 15% that doesn't have a bulletin board. I really need to organize myself better! My inspiration is in "pile next to the bed" format. *Blush*

  11. I have three bulletin boards. One behind the sewing machine is used to hold pattern pieces from the current project and stray pieces. The one on the opposite wall, beside the bookcases, has memorabilia, much like yours, family photos, poetry, notes from former students, magazine articles, pics of projects I'd like to do someday, etc... The board by the ironing board has notes, reminders of projects due dates, stitch samples, shopping list of buttons, thread, etc... that gets added to daily it seems.

    And yes I can imagine the roar of the river. Growing up we lived just a bit off a river and when it "got up" you could hear it roar. Loved that sound! thanks for sharing that and your bb's. Phyllis

  12. I sew on my kitchen table, so no space for a bulletin board. Your pecan tree pic brought back wonderful memories for me. I lived in SC and had so many pecan trees around me. In November we had a pecan festival. I lived in a tiny town (one traffic light) so the Pecan Festival was a big deal. This was a great post.

  13. Mine has a color wheel, several drawings by grandkids, and several picture post cards that inspire me. I like to leave some room to look at the beautiful Japanese fabric that covers the board. Love sewok's ideas and may implement some as I find the space.

  14. Mine has a color wheel, several drawings by grandkids, and several picture post cards that inspire me. I like to leave some room to look at the beautiful Japanese fabric that covers the board. Love sewok's ideas and may implement some as I find the space.


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