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Someone has asked me to please show how I did the hems on the asymmetrical top, McCalls 6400. First, if you read the past few posts you know I am a very recent convert to these knit fabrics and their patterns. Therefore, this is no expert talking here. However, before I started on my projects I did a fair amount of research. Because what I had on hand was fusible tricot tape, that's the method I used. It was logistics, not experience sewing knits that brought me to that choice. I am still happy with the results but may very possibly find a better way further up the road.

First, about that tape....what I had on hand was a roll of fusible tricot tape, purchased years ago and on it's last legs. I had no packaging at this point nor a name but I definitely remember it being called a "fusible stay tape". I finished the roll with only inches left on this top. With more tops planned, more tape was needed. I hit Joanns as I needed instant gratification at this point and there was nothing similar. I found Steam a Seam and Tricot tape, non-fusible, not what I needed. One of the lovely Joann ladies walked the floors with me until we both gave up. I told her I was going to check out the quilting notions on the other side of this little store. She got back to her draping.

What's this? Batting tape? I squished it and it felt just like my used up roll did. I looked and it sure looked like tricot. But, batting tape, to tape batting pieces together for quilting??? Guess what, it is exactly the same thing as the "fusible stay tape" I put in the top. So if you need this product and don't want to wait and/or pay shipping for something in a different package, got to JA's and get yourself some 3/4  inch batting tape. It also comes in an inch and a half width and I am trying to think how I could use that!

Here is my simple hem. It does stretch as I gave it the slightest tug while sewing. That's why the stitches are a bit irregular upon close inspection but it's good enough for government work. On a more ambitious day I would use a double needle for the topstitching but that old I.G. (instant grats) was pushing me on.

The 3/4 inch wide tape was fused to the hem edge of the top on the wrong side. Then it was simply folded in half, matching the edges of the tape, and pressed. I think a tad of the fusible stuck through because it kept the fold in place nicely while I stitched, no pins. I just topstitched from the right side with an edge stitching foot and voila - decent hem. 

I am sure there are other methods and I look forward to finding them and trying them out. In the meantime, I think this is pretty OK for a rank beginner.


I think the feedback from friends, family and co workers on my work shirt is the best of any garment I have made in the past couple years, really. For some reason this shirt represented something really difficult to do to a lot of my friends. I appreciate all the great feedback but it is really just a basic shirt with little fit.Thanks to all for the lovely words. 


If you've been around the Northeast borders/southern Canadian areas of our country you will know that we had an epic storm finish up yesterday. Halfway through, in the dark of night, I looked out the window at my little car. Storm Vulcan transformed it from a little gas saver into what appeared to be a Volvo Wagon. I snapped away and submitted my pic to the public radio station website up here for their Photo of the Day. I've submitted lots of photos to them, thunderstorms, birds eating, sunsets, rolling fields, lots! But it took my little eco car to get my pic on for all to see. I glowed.............Bunny


  1. OMG La Sewista suffers from Instant Gratification too! I am shocked I tell you. Shocked.

    I had never heard of a product such as fusible tricot, so many potential uses, Gotta get me to the fabric store (no JA in Canada) and see if I can find some.

    Love the photo of your car.

  2. Thanks for directing me towards JoAnn's for some something I have been buying online for years from other folks. Gives me a chance to buy something with those 40% off coupons too. Snow photos...will Spring ever arrive and summer birds return to build nests?

  3. Thanks Bunny! I've looked at JoAnn's for something like this but I never would have thought to look in the quilting section! And I love your little knit hem tute too. You have no idea how many times "Bunny" comes up in conversation at my house....my husband hears "Bunny does it this way" all the time : ).

  4. Watch this YouTube presentation by Linda Lee on hemming knits. http://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL33E7FB25A124A4CC&v=GARmdK1IWgk

    1. Thanks, I'm off to check it out.

  5. After the winter we have had, here in southeastern Pennsylvania, I just cannot believe that another storm might be coming this way tomorrow night. It will depend on what track it takes but if we do get it, it could bring somewhere between 3.5 to 10 inches! However, the next day is to be in the 40s so I imagine it will not last long. Stay warm!

  6. Appreciate the advice on the tape (I'm forever looking in the hardware store for fabric store solutions, so am happy to venture for solutions) and baffled as how my wagon is at your house on the other side of the country. Looked in front of my house, but no gas efficient vehicle there. Dang.


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