Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dibs and Dabs

After re watching the  videos several times I got over my intimidation and just went for it. My assignment from my class was to have the loom warped by Sunday. I will get  my next lesson sometime today and will have the week to work on it. Here you see the loom warped for two simple affinity bracelets, a relatively simple project. Why two? Well, I can fit two and work on two at a time. Also by having the two projects on the loom,  the  warping bar, that silver horizontal bar that doesn't touch the sides, is balanced and that's important.  What you don't see is the interesting way the threads wrap around the warping bar and that's what takes time and focus. You can't just wrap the warp in circles around the loom. Lord, I sound like an excited neophyte! Hope that's not too aggravating to you, dear readers. I am using some variegated pearl cotton for my warp as I have TONS of it. Fingers crossed and waiting for my next lesson.

My felted, painted wool jacket is complete other than the shoulder pads and belt. Modeling coming soon! It is soft, warm and sweatery which was the goal.

And here is a sneak peak at the bracelet I have been working on with the shibori silk. Almost done that one too! So lots of near completions. Stay tuned!

And last but not least, I reorganized my drawer to the left of my machine. In it I keep my basic colored threads which I reach for all the time, the grays, navies, blacks, whites and beiges. Also in the drawer are spots for heavy thread, fine embroidery weight threads for heirloom sewing, fusible thread, washaway thread , silk threads, monofilament threads and cotton threads, all in their separate spaces. Also in the drawer are velcro, hand needles, and odd presser feet, all things I reach for when I sew. I don't have to get up and go looking for this stuff. I have a lower cabinet filled with boxes of all my colored threads. They are great down there as I only reach for them at the beginning of a project. I so love being organized. It allows my creative juices to flow without distraction, but that's just the way I do it. Most creatives are otherwise.

Happy Sewing!.....Bunny


  1. Gosh Bunny that last bit is so true!! I like clutter over austere, empty environments, but if I don't have some level of organisation, I just can't concentrate. Which is a problem as I am a very messy person! not that I've been in a sewing mood with this sore face, but yesterday when I went into my studio to get something, I just shuddered at the wreck it is right now and left pdq. It's just stuff dumped on the table but it puts my remaining teeth on edge. I love the clever use of the cutlery drawer inset. :)

  2. haha...I get it! I'd be excited too, with that new loom Bunny! And I do very much look forward to seeing your progress and finished makes.

    My thread/needles draw is quite organized, although I'm eager to try your pill organizer for my needles! It's my zipper/seam bindings/trims/horsehair braid/etc draw that's my personal's hilarious really!

  3. I CAN'T wait to see that jacket!!!!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better! By coincidence, I was wrestling with some steam a seam yesterday. I find it just impossible. One side of the paper just falls off and the other side sticks so well, I distort my fabric trying to peel it off. Do you think this might be one of the "bad batches" The Warm Co" talks about? I like the flexibility of this web, but it just seems so hard to use. And everybody raves about it! Should I buy a new package?


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