Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hats, anyone?

We are back from a wonderful family vacation that had my oldest daughter, her hubby, three kids and Bunbun and Poppa all enjoying the wonders of Walt Disney World in Orlando. It was a visual delight with so much to absorb and be thrilled with and shared. It was way up on my bucket list, and my daughter's, and we just decided it was time.

I could regale you with scads of family pictures and perhaps many of you have been there as well so know its wonder. I'll share just a few highlights with you before we get back to sewing topics!

I was totally entranced with the textures and colors of the Moroccan village in Epcot. It was a sensory delight with its smells, colors and coolness. The buildings and alleys felt cool despite the high eighties heat and humidity. I think I could have stayed there all afternoon. There were items for sale that tantalized the senses from shimmering sparkly bags to really interesting clothing.

My daughter had backpack duty and was laden with the required water bottles and snacks.

Everything about this area made me want to visit Morocco. Added that to the bucket list!

We went to "Downtown Disney" three times and really enjoyed that. There are no rides, just lots of good food options and shops and it was a more relaxed way to spend the evening. We were able to take a calming boat ride to get there each evening. We had a particularly fabulous meal at Portobello's outside on the water with a chamber ensemble playing fifty feet away. It was delightful. After that meal we strolled through Downtown and stopped at a really fun shop that sold only hats. Carly and I had a feast of hats to try on. She is my hat girl having enjoyed them since very little and would wear a hat all day long in the house because she just liked to. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I started clicking pics as she was just too stinkin' cute in her fascinators

. You can see Grandma and assorted family members in the mirror as we take pics.

Carly definitely has the fashionista gene!

And of course grandma had her favorite hat, too! Goofy big brother had to make his presence known as well!

And my favorite on Carly:

Be thankful we didn't start trying on all the steampunk paraphernalia. We would have been there all night.

These are not the usual pictures you see from Disney but I figured you've all seen the Magic Kingdom and the Epcot ball and other memorable Disney pics from your own family members. The Moroccan village really appealed to my artistic side with its visual delights and the evening spent trying on hats with my grandaughter was priceless. I hope you have sensed a bit of the fun, delight and wonder that was our Disney vacation. I will never forget it......................Bunny


  1. Carly is just adorable in her hats. I wish they would make a comeback here in the States. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family. It's the experiences they will remember all their lives.

  2. My daughter, Carly and I have all decided to wear hats to a wedding we will be attending in June. It seems like weddings and the Kentucky Derby are the only opportunities for the fancier hats. This store has an online shop and it is called Chapel Hats.

  3. I could spend days in that pavilion- the food is wonderful and it's so beautiful. Glad you had fun- I will be checking out that hat shop!

  4. Adorable hats on a sweet girl. The Moroccan pavilion looks amazing.

  5. Hurray for hats at weddings! I'm excited to be planning a September trip to Morocco, so especially enjoyed your preview.

    1. We had a wonderful meal there as well. I loved the food.

  6. Oh hats at Disney are so much fun! It's great you have a hat girl to enjoy it with. My kids get a chuckle when I tell them that I bought a Mary Poppin style hat and wore it the entire trip when I was 10. I find it hard to believe, myself...wish I still had it.

  7. What a lovely family scene and such a feast for the eyes! Hats...magical things to set the scene and transport you to another time!

  8. I don't look good in hats though I love them so much! I have a very small head and face, plus, I wear glasses, too, and I just become hidden under most hats. I think I'd look nice the fascinator types, though; I just have no place to wear them. I only get invited to weddings about once every couple of years. I love the Moroccan photos! I don't have much of an inclination to visit Europe in general, but I think I'd probably love Morocco.


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