No grain, bit of pain, upcycled Jean Jacket

The jean jacket continues. With all the construction and work happening around our home I am only getting to sew on the weekends and that's if it rains! That's OK. The Decks are  near done, then there are new doors, a bit of hardscaping and some tree work and hopefully we will be done soon. The goal is August 1st and it looks like we will make it. In the meantime, today being rainy and uncomfortably warm upstairs, I retreated to the cave for Phase one of the jean jacket. My focus today was to get every pattern piece cut out and I almost made it. Here's where I am now. Keep in mind that I basically have three phases going on with this. First there is the cutting of the original jacket and piecing it to work for my particular pattern sections  and that's what you are seeing today.
This front bodice is waiting for the arrival of the zipper for center front. I have left the collar and hem edges on one side undone. This is the side where I am using the waistband for the CF band. I know, its wacky. It will have a silver zip up the CF. I hung the pieces on my dress form and they look better there as you can see where all the oddities end up and if they work or not.

On the back bodice I did that crazy curvy thing like I did on the rust dyed top back bodice. It is part of the original CF band. When this is done there will be closeups as I have done some  cross hatching here and there on the pieces that you can't pick up at this point. But this is no where near the finished product. You can also see here, this was not cut symmetrically and that was intentional. In 3D it works.

The sleeves were fun. I hope that pocket on my upper arm doesn't look to crazy. If it does I can always take off the flap or entire pocket. On the right sleeve you can see a bit of the old CF band. The sleeves look different colors. They are not, a camera thing.

This is phase one, the piecing and fitting phase. Obviously I added details from the old jacket for interest.

Phase two will be painting and there should be a lot.

Phase three will be more stitching in various bright colors. So this is nowhere near done or looking like the final product. Let's just hope it's not an epic fail.

This is all that is left of the XXL men's acid washed jean jacket. Out of this I have to make a LARGE collar. Fingers crossed!

A few years back I worked for a company that went under. The night before the liquidqators were scheduled to come in management gave permission to the sales staff to help themselves to any non sku'ed merchandize and there was plenty. One of the things I took home was this old rusted sewing machine that was used for display in the store. I  use it now to hang my more costume-y jewelry on, much of which I've made. I think it's a fun use of the old Singer................Bunny


  1. This looks fun. I made a rucksack from old jeans. Its great finding ways to use the already constructed shapes. Look forward to seeing the end result

    1. It's been a fun challenge. I can't wait to get started painting and will do some samples first. I haven't decided to go subtle or bold.

  2. I've just finished a biker style jacket made from my hubby's old jeans. I will get around to posting it soon.

  3. I love your sense of adventure. It's fun just to see it coming together in its different stages. I know the finished product is going to be fantastic.

  4. That is a lot of fun, Bunny! And what a gorgeous old machine!

  5. I can't wait to see this wonderful jacket completed. So artsey! Great use of the sewing machine.

  6. Fun! I love the pocket on the sleeve. I'll bet that you use it a lot.

  7. It's going to look great! Good luck with that collar.

  8. This is such an interesting project. My best projects have been beset with doubt throughout. I think its going to be sensational.

  9. Very creative project. I'm loving all your interesting ways of using the components and will be watching for the final result.

  10. Wow, Bunny. You always inspire with that creative spirit of yours. Starting at the end, love, love the sewing machine. There is nothing better than a heavily "tattooed" vintage machine, even when it's window dressing and doesn't sew any longer.

    The jean jacket recycle project is packed with possibilities that I would have passed by if it hadn't been for your posts about the journey. I've really enjoyed following this sewing adventure. Amazing to watch something go from Schmatta to glorious with a ton of elbow/brain power in between.


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