Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday's quote of the week

Wednesday is hump day for me and a lot of others, particularly if you work outside the home. It's not easy getting a blogpost done or more importantly, the sewing to inspire one, during the middle of the work week. But sometimes, in odd moments, I cruise sewing groups on FB, forums and lots of blogs as well as sit with an old or new sewing book to read.Its something we can all do for just a few moments at a time.  I often see words of wisdom, interesting viewpoints, provocative comments and even funny statements related to sewing. I think how I want to share that with others.

This recently brought me to the idea of just publishing a simple statement I have seen elsewhere. It could relate to actual sewing technique, sew blogging, fashion, creativity, all the things we love about our passion. I will start today. These may or may not be earth shaking or thought provoking. I may or may not agree with the sentiment. It doesn't matter. It's for your interpretation. Hopefully it will give some insight into the sewing world we live in and why things are seen and done they way they are sometimes. It's just a fun little mid week filler for your comment or choice to ignore. I won't cast an opinion either way in the post. It is a way to stay in touch with you during the week and who doesn't need a brightener on Hump Day?

Quote of the week:

  "If you want your children to be passionate, creative little people, then they need to see you doing the things that you love to do.  Your example is powerful and you will be a star in their eyes. "  

...............from: Howdoesshe on ebay

Comment or ignore, your choice. Have a great Wednesday,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bunny


  1. Great quote - I really believe this to be true.

  2. I don't have kids, but I think this sentiment also applies to teaching. If your students see that you're passionate about whatever you're teaching, that enthusiasm will go a long way toward engaging them and inspiring curiosity. Great quote, thanks for sharing!

  3. I needed that thought today..... too long things have been on work/health issues mode only.... and I'm getting depressed. Seriously, starting to wonder if I needed medication, but perhaps I just need to regroup and make time for some things I love and start to feel happier.

  4. Thanks for that great quote! I sew today because my Mom made most everything I wore when growing up. She stopped after she made my wedding gown! But she instilled a desire to sew! By the way, i enjoy your
    sewing and blogging!!


    1. Thanks, Marianne. So many of us are have been right by our Mom's or Grandmother's knee at the machine as you mention. What a gift they gave us!

    2. LOL Marianne, having recently made major alterations to a wedding gown I can understand how someone might just stop sewing after that! I had to dig deep for the patience and determination to wrangle all that white fabric :) And I didn't even construct the entire thing!

  5. All my kids watched me sew for clients, the girls manage to make simple things on machines I have bought them. My son, around 10 yrs old wanted to use my industrial machine to sew tree bark...had to stop him there! A passion for anything is be warned...hanging out with a passionate person, something is bound to rub off!!!!

  6. I agree with the quote and the comments! My daughter did not take up sewing, but she sure did pursue her own interests with passion. And she really appreciates what goes into the things I sew for her.

  7. This is so true about anything in life. We MUST lead by example.

  8. This is spot on! I learned to sew from my mother and sewed through college. Then life got in the way and I didn't sew for decades. I'm sewing again and they are all so happy for me! Why? As my son recalled "I remember you always talked about how you wanted to sew...."

  9. Love that quote! I believe I got into my hobbies because my parents would create/make stuff in front of me and my siblings :) My father also showed us that you could play video games but ALSO still have a hobby on the side.


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