Paco's shirt, #3, V1526

The blogposts are coming at you fast and furiously. That's what happens when I am home on a long weekend and I love it. I am really enjoying making this shirt. It is quite simple  but has wonderful detail put in by Paco.

Have you ever had the frustration of doing a machine buttonhole at the very top of your garment? and it is the last one to do? and it just won't happen because of lumps and bumps in the facing? Well, Paco Peralta has you covered. Here you can see a slot that was stitched into the foldover facing area of the CF neckline. Here I put a piece of fabric so you will get what happens once the collar is stitched on. Is this not awesome? I will definitely be using this again.

There are a few things I have done differently from the pattern but that is more my personal preference. Below you can see that rather than turning the hem up all around I turned the facing inside out and sewed the facing bottom. It was then turned back right side out and it is all machine finished. The rest of the hem is free and will be hemmed up as per normal, at least I think.

 I also thought I would pass on a tip in today's post as well. The lining to this shirt is a slithery piece of fabric, really slippery. It is very hard to establish grain on this type of fabric. I rip the end and line it up. In this case the grain was spot on but the fabric was so slippery I just couldn't keep it straight.

You can see how I laid my ruler across and weighted it down. Then I pinned next to the ruler all across. I could then cut the piece out and because it was pinned, pull it down for the next pieces to be cut. Each time it  held it all on grain with the ruler and pinned next to it.  Sewing with slithery polies can be challenging and I thought this could help all of us.

I probably won't get to sew till next weekend. What's left are the collar and sleeves. Hopefully that will get done soon..........Happy sewing!......Bunny


  1. That is a great buttonhole tip, Bunny. Same with the ruler. I certainly line up slippery fabrics against a straight line, but the anchor is a good idea!

  2. That buttonhole slot is not only a ingenious detail, it even looks better that a regular buttonhole - no teeny tiny frayed bits poking out or wonky stitching. I will definitely add this pattern to the list. :)

  3. You won me over! I just bought the pattern, last day of the sale! What a gorgeous shirt this will be.

  4. I think you will be impressed with the directions. He definitely has added the extra touches that will make this a beautifully made shirt. He had me in step one where he said to "invisibly sew" the edge of the facing.

  5. That buttonhole is genius! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, Bunny! As always, your construction is exquisite! Thank you for sharing. If you ever want an apprentice...


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