Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Wedding Skirt

My next project has begun. Actually is is probably about at the half way mark and I have a week and a half to finish it. The first pic is a satin print that is turning into another box pleated skirt. I am using the same style as the Cuba skirt with a few higher end touches. The skirt is flat lined which lines the garment and  automatically finishes the seam allowance with a Hong Kong finish. It's a sort of two for the price of one technique which worked well here. It was the method that appeared to provide the least amount of bulk in lining this very full skirt. I have decided on the length, too. It will be a tea length with my ankles showing, no calves.  I've used the same elastic interfacing waistband technique along with a hand picked zipper. With it I will wear a black top. I will try to get a simple tee done in the above fabric. It is a spandex knit, black, matte and full of the teensiest bit of sparkle. In the pic  above, that sparkle, aka the white dots, is exaggerated from the light of the flash. It is quite subtle in real life. These are two fairly simple garments that I hope to have done shortly. The skirt just needs its hem and the top needs to be cut out. We're getting there!


Here is some drone footage of the beautiful Fall Foliage in New Hampshire this week. It is lovely. 


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