Got my mojo back!

That nasty cold left as fast as it came. I am back in the creative saddle with one garment nearly done and two others cued up. I am on the tail end of sewing a spring jacket for myself out of a new pale yellow matelasse bedspread. For the longest time I have lingered over these bedspreads at Home Goods, whipping them into jackets in my mind. Well the time has come, the color is right and so Spring-y too. I am using Simplicity 3843 but you wouldn't know it. The bedspread has beautifully stitched scalloped edges that I wanted to use for the collar and an ouside front facing. After fiddling with strips of the scallops on the near finished jacket, I canned that idea and decided to do a jewel neckline with no scallops and to put a scalloped cuff on the 3/4 sleeve. I think that look will be more flattering to my shape and less busy. The other way was just too foofy. So I am near done and pics will come as soon as I get my camera back from DD's, miles away. I hate the idea of shipping it as it is very pricey camera setup and I won't take that risk. So bear with me, sewistas, greatly appreciated.

Next in the cue is Simplicity 3662, an awesome little pattern. I have already made the piped blouse View B and now will try the jumper. A search on the Everything Sewing site for 3662will bring lots of pictures and inspiration. I have been wanting to make this jumper since these pics were posted. My fabric is a bright green and pink Monkey print and that's all I'm sayin'! Next in the cue is New Look 6333, another wannatry for a longtime. It is a darling kimono and pants and I have the most wonderful Kona cotton sateen oriental print to pull this one off. So lots going on here. I have been duly inspired and am working my plan. Wish you all the same!


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