Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Matelasse Bedspread Jacket

This jacket is made from Simplicity 3843 with a few modifications. I used a new, unused pale yellow 100% cotton matelasse bedspread purchased at Home Goods some time ago. I used a King Size spread and have plenty left for jackets for each of my granddaughters. My original plan was to make big use of the satin stitched scalloped edges on the spread. I decided that plan was too foofy and left the scalloped edge on the cuffs only. I also canned the collar that the pattern came with. I liked the simplicity of it all. One thing that is not evident in the pattern at first view are the inseam pockets at waist level. I really liked that feature. However, using the pocket pattern as shown gives you a far too narrow pocket opening. I would highly recommend making the pocket at least and inch and a half wider. Also because of the bulk of the matelasse, I removed the back pleat.

A word of warning if you try to use this type of spread for a garment. It ravels like the dickens so you must plan to either serge or Hong Kong the seam edges. I chose the latter. I used a pale yellow cotton batiste for the Honk Kong finish and was pleased with the results.

The pattern does not call for any closure. I have had these pewter clasps for years. I actually have a gross of them and often use them for gifts for sewing and knitting friends. They were a gift from an employee many years back. Seems a family member had a button store at one time and she inherited gross size boxes of buttons and clasps. I am so glad she thought of me. To attach the clasps I used matching yellow floss, all six strands, and wrapped it thru the holes and into the facings. I was pleased with the uniqueness of the pewter clasps with the spring like fabric.

A word about sizing: First, this pattern starts at size 10 and I usually make a 6. I am petite as well and had to "petite" the pattern by folding out a half inch between the bust level and shoulder seam and then truing the seam. . I also took some of the fullness out of the width as a flat pattern measurement showed the size ten to be too boxy for my liking. I removed a healthy inch and a half from the width. All in all this pattern finished with quite a few modifications, but that is my usual MO. Would I make it again? You bet, probably with a completely different set of modifications!


  1. Hi from Lindsay T, stopping by your blog for the first time but definitely not the last. I love all your work but especially like the little girls' dresses. I'm going to post soon a classic Children's Corner dress I made for my 3-yr-old niece. I'm pleased with the way it turned out but it's nothing compared to your handiwork!

  2. Thanks so much, Lindsay. I must have had a psychic moment as I have just left your blog and admired your monogrammed dress. Great job. I hope you got to see the pink and white Easter dress as well. Thanks for the lovely compliments.

  3. A bedspread jacket! I love it! It's just lovely, and I'm so taken with your ingenious choice of fabric.


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