I love linings!

I have a strong belief that a lining should be an integral design element to your garment. There is something really special about walking around in a navy blue suit and secretly knowing there is a wild retro silk print lining inside. Besides, it is just plain fun to have a pretty lining. And what is more bland than lining fabric?
For me, picking out a lining is stash diving at its best. I have a fair amount of lovely silk prints that never seem to be right for a garment, but oh, they make beautiful linings. So indulge me a few pics of linings. The printed one on top is silk and lines a black tapestry/patent leather bag I recently made. I just love opening up that bag. And here's a secret: a pretty lining in a bag makes you keep it neater, really! The brown lining is an upholstery damask of scotchguarded acetate. It lines a bag of embroidered silk suiting and faux leather. I wish all linings were scotchguarded! And the gold bag lining is the WRONG side of one of those cheapo poly brocades from Joanns. It ravelled like the dickens, but I was able to tame that by interfacing the entire lining with Fusiknit. So on this dreary winter day, thank you for letting me bring just a peak of my bag linings into your world.

By the way, you can click on any of these to enlarge.



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