Now, these are HATS!

You all know that I love hats. If you are of that ilk you also know that today, Kentucky Derby Day, is the stuff our dreams are made of. Courtesy of the LA Times, here are a few fabulous hats to ponder. You will soon see that cleavage is just as mandatory as hat wearing at the Derby. No, I would not need three mint juleps to wear either. Life is to short! I'm giving you a link to see more incredible chapeau.

And from the Examiner: This woman is beyond exquisite. DH and I have been perusing the ladies in hats on the internet and as he says, "they look like incredibly beautiful birds." Enjoy....Bunny


  1. I watched the derby today. Those are some fantastic hats!

  2. Looks like they are giving Ascot a good race for the "hat" award - I think Derby Day may win!

  3. Having been raised in Lexington,KY -I love a good Derby Hat.

  4. I love hats! I wish women wore them more.


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