Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betty's Dress Completed!

After many distractions, my Betty D. original design is complete. While it does not have any heirloom techniques, it's vintage style makes it one to keep for the next round of family babies. First, thank you, Betty, for your wonderful inspiration and design. Also thank you for the information and skills you share so generously. All of us that you have "brought along" thank you so much and treasure your knowledge and friendship.

This little dress is made of 100% cotton for the daisy fabric and a cotton/poly blend for the white part. That decision was made on my daughter's potential for ironing when needed. Fugetabotit. Grandma will go visit and iron the little pretties when needed. If I made this again, and I may for my other grandaughter, I would interface all of the bodice with a light tricot interfacing. My summery fabric makes it quite limp. A heavier cloth, like a sateen, probably wouldn't need this.
The back of the dress is sweet but had it's challenges. I was limited to fabric. I was only able to do a pattern match at CB for the bodice, but I think that is fine. It took forever to find the matching daisies on what fabric I did have. The invisible zipper required two attempts, the second of which was hand basting, to get it in correctly and matching. I am searching out white hook and eyes for the top edge closure today at the fabric store but if I can't find white I will used the silver and a white thread loop to get that last bit of zip to close. I did my signature sash and sash keeper, this time piping the sash keeper, thanks to Gwen's suggestion. Thanks, Gwen.

I wanted this to be an often worn play dress for Carly. I also wanted it to be comfy and soft on her precious little skin. I thought of the obvious of putting the closure under the arm but had visions of the zipper pull aggravating the heck out of her so that was out. I went with a CB invisible zip. To keep the bottom of the zip from bugging her little backside, I cut and covered the bottom with a piece of the white fabric. I used the selvedge edge for the top and just hand stitched around.

For the hem I did a pin stitch by machine all around. I used two layers of stabilizer on the poly side. I am not really pleased with the finished effect but since there is nothing worse than ripping out pin stitching and it is actually a play dress, I let it go. Life is too short and on a galloping horse......

So now it is on to the next project. I found some more toile that I think I will pleat up for a smocked sundress for Sophie, something really simple, or at least it will start out that way. But my real focus is on some sheers I have purchased and making them into a summery little fluffy thing to wear with jeans. I have seen this type of blouse everywhere and really like the soft feminine look. The challenge is to make a sleeve design that will be flattering to my aging arms and I have a few ideas. I love mixing prints and this will have two prints, each quite different. However they are both "very soft" looking and therefore work together well. Should be fun. I will also use an edge technique that I used on my wedding skirt hem that I really like.

I also SCORED once again in the clearance aisle at Joanns! I found this bolt of linen looking fabric that still had the paper wrap around, never cut. It is the most fabulous burnout with a hand painted look around the burnout. I washed it, despite info on the bolt end, and it came out fine with no shrinkage. I think it would be wonderful for a Sewing Workshop type of design, camel camisole underneath, and some khaki colored pants. Dont' you just love it? Ten dollars, thank you! I hung it on the closet to give you an idea of the scale. There is also a closeup of the sheer areas.

Next post will have the winner of the Threads drawing and some big thank yous and forwards for the numerous blog awards I have accumulated lately without acknowledgment. Like I said, it has been crazy on the home front and I apologize for my lateness. Life should get back on track soon. Swine flu has hit my grandson and he is quarantined but we are concerned for the twins and rest of family. He seems to be on the mend so hopefully this will continue and it won't spread further.........Bunny


  1. Your little dress is precious. I'm inspired to work on mine now! The back matches perfectly. Great job.

    Swine flu! My goodness -- your family has been bombarded. But I do hear that this flu, despite all the hype, is rather mild. However, anytime it involves our children, nothing is mild.

    Hope life calms down for you soon.


  2. It's so sweet. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it. Hope the flu goes past quickly with no more spreading amongst family.

  3. Beautiful dress! Another heirloom for the family.

  4. Truly lovely. Blue ,yellow and white. Wonderful job.

  5. As always, your sewing is to perfection, and you turned out a beautiful little dress. And the Jo's find--fabulous! Sometimes, when you did deep enough, you can find something quite good. Hope your grandson feels better soon.

  6. Awww, that is so sweet! Perfect!

    Good for you on the Joann's score! I don't go to Concord every day anymore so I'm in Joann's as much. I guess I'd better take a peek next week when I go down.

  7. What an adorable little dress, and I just love your sash treatment. Your goodies from Joann's are great, and we look forward to seeing your creativity at work with those.

  8. Great fabric find, awesome Betty dress, and yes, I've given you another award to add to the pile!

  9. Very nice! the back is especially pretty.

  10. Your little dress is tdf as usual
    I love linen lookink fabric from JOANN.
    Swine Flue is aweinspiring
    Hope it is not too serious, though
    I pray for your whole family.

  11. What a pretty dress! What a nice grandma you are :)

  12. BEAUTIFUL! This dress is a masterpiece, one of a kind! It will be in your family for many years to come!


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