We actually have two winners! I went thru my mags the other day and these are all dupes. One group is Sew Stylish, now OOP, Spring 08 and Threads July 04 # 113. The other pair are Threads, issues 75 and 69 from the good ole Threads days. So I decided to draw two winners....drum roll, please.......................Trudy Callan, of Sewing with Trudy, and Connie. (Sorry, no link for Connie, our flag maker) . I can be emailed at bunnypep at wildblue dot net . Just put it together and change the at and dot. The first to reach me will get the pick of the two. Hurry up, now! Thanks to all of you sewists for sharing a bit about the far out things you have sewn. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what great value there is to our skills (and get paid accordingly, but nuther story.) Thanks again, all.


Now for the many memes: Thank you to Kristine, Cruz Barrientos, and Diane at Djstoreroom. for awarding me with the “Lovely Blog” Award. I am not sure I have ever used that word as I think of my blog but anything that celebrates design and sewing skill certainly is lovely. Thanks to all of you for that recognition. Thanks also go to Marie-Noelle of La Machine a Coudre for the Premio Meme Award. This award celebrates 7 personality traits that you may not know about me that I will bullet below. It is a nice chance to spread our personalities. Another thanks to our budding sewist, Emily, for the Blogger Buddy Award. Emily certainly is one of my Blogger Buddies and I hope one of yours too! She is learning to sew with her patient, skilled, Mom and has a wonderful attitude toward the craft. Also thanks to Summerset for the Attitude of Gratitude award. Heaven knows I have so much to be thankful for, particularly right now the health of my grandchildren who have just gone thru the Swine Flu. They are doing beautifully thanks to the many thoughts and prayers. I really thank you all for that.

With all these awards, I have decided to just pass on the Premio Meme as it is such fun to read the unique and sometimes secret traits of our sewing friends. So here are my seven personality traits:

* I can be extremely focused.

* I am very polite but don't tolerate fools, bigots, and people with closed minds.

* I can live on very little but haven't done so in a long long time. You don't want to know that backstory!

* I am much more a word person than a number person, at least in my opinion.

* I have been told forever that I am a very strong person and very assertive. I AM!!!

* I have a few close friends that I have treasured for the past 25 years and more. We have all been thru a lot together and I value them all so much. The days and the miles never separate us.

* I love birdwatching and all the beauty and balance of Nature. It just never ceases to prove to me the glory of God.

I am going to pass this Premio Award on to the following:

Nonie, aka, Locoocho, a very kind soul with the biggest heart who sews beautiful heirloom items for her grandchildren.

Sivje, aka Goosegirl, a very talented seamstress AND songstress as well. She faces many challenges with grace.

I only list these two, not because I want to break the meme but because I believe all of the rest of you wonderful bloggers have already recieved these awards. Thanks again to all for the recognition.

A great big thank you again to all of you.


These are the fabrics for my next project. They are poly sheers for a light fluffy summer blouse. More to come tomorrow.

And this is a shot from my shade garden. My columbines have done exceptionally well this year. The hummingbirds seem to prefer my sugar water to their nectar which irks me. I love shade gardens. Mine seem to expand each year. The different textures of all the greens is so calming to look at......Bunny


  1. love the pink floral, I'll be reading to see what you do with it

  2. Bunny, what wonderful news that your precious little grandchildren are recovering well!

    Your shade garden is the picture of tranquility, lovely.

    And, your fabrics are yum yum! The pink print looks like something that would make you feel delicious when wearing it. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. The pink sheers are yummy! Your shade garden is superb; please give us a list of all that is planted there. I've barely started one and one and would like to add to it.

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  5. (sorry, my last comment had a few typos)

    Congratulations on the well deserved awards!

  6. Congratulations on the awards. Well deserved. I wish I had a few more of your traits ;(. Good news with the grandchildren too.

  7. Thank you Bunny! Now I have to figure out how to do the award thing. I am woefully unskilled with computerese. But I will try to figure it out.

    You are wonderful!


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