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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My latest project is a sheer, soft blouse of mixed prints. Three fabrics are involved. For a lining I will be using a salmony pink poly georgette. I hope to have the lining as a strapless bodice underneath. The blouse bodice, collar, and under layer of sleeve will be the beige floral. The top sleeve layer and ruffles will be the greyish leopard print.

I am using a combo of BWOF # 122 and #123. I like the bodice of 122 because it has the drawstring all around. That will be in the grey. For the sleeves I will use #123 and hope to have them in two layers and split up the middle. I think this will be more flattering than the square effect of the sleeves on #123.

In hemming my wedding skirt I made lots of samples, none of which really made me happy. Than I decided to just wing it and came up with a very nice finish on the sheer hem. All well and good, it is the same finish instructed by Burda for this blouse. Nothing is new, I guess. I like the CF placket on this blouse a lot. It really is necessary to have the ruffles be neatly equidistant.

I hope to get started soon but first I have to get over a major tooth problem. Let's just say I am residing in the house of pain right now. I have sought out medical care and it should be better soon. Oy.....Bunny


  1. Ouchy! Hope the pain is gone soon. The blouse project sounds really interesting. I am sure it will look lovely.

  2. The blouse sounds like it will be very beautiful. I hope your tooth feels better real soon! Praying for you.



  3. Both of these blouses are part of my always extending wish list.
    I think you get a point with the sleeves issue that I was not aware of before you mentionned it.
    Thank You for your expert eye.
    You you'll recover rapidly.

  4. Hope you get this tooth issue resolved soon! I'm pretty sure concentrating on these sorts of fabrics is near impossible with pain and these fabrics are demanding of attention and care.

  5. Your blouse will be as always, a work of art. Feel better soon.

  6. The project looks really inspiring!! Happy Sewing!~

  7. Ooh, get better, Bunny! I love where you're going with the blouse.


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