Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost there!

All that is left on the Oatmeal Jacket, aka, CJ muslin, is to put in the facing and hand stitch the pockets and hem. Then it will be wearable. I really like the fit. I don't like all the structure and will approach my CJ with the same pattern I just worked out but I will do the Susan Kahlje method instead of the Claire Schaeffer method. This jacket has a chest piece, shoulder pads, interfaced hem, facings, etc. Enough already! All the seams are serged and I truly did the minimum amount of effort to pull this off and have a fitting muslin that I could wear. This is not my best work but will be a fine throw on with a pair of khakis or jeans. I decided to do 3/4 sleeves but will do either a 7/8ths or full length on the CJ.

I know that the CJ will be a long drawn out process. So before I start I will make the little black and grey dress I showed a few posts back. It will be fast, light, springy sewing and that is what I need right now. My weaving is almost done. It has been such a while since I have done any pin weaving and I would really like to do another piece to solidify the technique a little further and use some of the things I have learned the hard way. So the order is CJ muslin to finis, then the linen black and grey dress, finish the pin weaving bag, and cut the CJ....Bunny


  1. I too, find I don't like highly structured jackets so much. I lean toward "soft tailoring" techniques. I'm anxious to see what you're doing with your pinweaving.

  2. I love the cuffs and trim, the lace is such a wonderful touch!

  3. The trim on the cuffs is so pretty and feminine.

  4. Looking foreward to seeing it "finis". Looking good so far :)

  5. Wow, too pretty to be considered a "muslin" Love the sleeve finish. Sounds like ambitious plans.

  6. Bunny,
    Love the "muslin", cannot wait to see it finished on you. Wonderful trim ideas.

  7. It is going to be beautiful not what I would think of as a muslin at all. I was excited to see the trim you used.


  8. This little jacket is turning out beautifully, Bunny. I bet you get lots of wear out of it & I am proud of you for the determination to finish it as well as the CJ before starting another project. That's why I haven't made anything UFO's are screaming at me & I REFUSE to start anything new until I complete them.

    BTW, you & I have the exact same sofa!! I recognized the cream & taupe plaid fabric. Mine used to be in the den in FL...its a sleeper; now its in my sewing room. We are alike in so many ways.

    Hug your Ern & I will do the same with mine. Thank you for the birthday wishes for him. He smiled when I read him your words.


  9. Wow! What an imaginative use of lace and trim - love it!

  10. Bunny - this is so YOU!!! That's what's so fabulous about what you're doing - designing something that looks so totally you that even though it will be professionally finished, people will know you did it cause it matches your personality perfectly!!!


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