The Oatmeal Jacket, aka, Wearable Muslin

Vogue 8259 is un fait acompli. (Hope I spelled that right.) Here are some comments:

  • My area above and below the buttons are dimpling due to using all four holes of the buttons. While I attached them very loosely with a shank so that would not be an issue, clearly it did not work. Easy fix!
  • This jacket has NO shoulder pads. As you will see later in the back, there is just the slightest slack, so in they will go and that will improve the drop of the back. I wanted to get a photo without them first. I will now use a 3/8 pad instead of a half inch.
  • You could only match so much with this fabric, given the princess seams. I got the centers and bottoms of the pockets to work pretty well as well as the CF but beyond that I did not fuss. My goal here was fit, not couture. 
  • I really like my jacket now. The lace did it. I thought of the lace as a great way to hide the non matching houndstooth and was pleased with the outcome. 
  • I really like those 3 piece sleeves but think they will be much more effective in a full length sleeve. 
  • As far as Schaeffer's pattern: too structured for a Chanel, so I will do a simple edge to edge lining on the next one. I think there is a bit too much overlap at CF. That could be a petite thing, but I will diminish that a 1/4 inch on the CJ. 
  • Despite gravity's pressures, I am still fairly hourglass and think I need to pull it in at the waist just a tad. If I don't  I will get the boxy jacket on short woman look. Don't want that. The jacket was actually made the length for the pattern. I did not reduce/petite the length so maybe I will take that down a half inch or so on the real thing.
  • This jacket is meant to have a collar which I can see now  will really stand away from the neckline. Not sure if I want it that "outstanding."  Have to think about that one. 

 I really like this with jeans and yes, that is snow in the background.
 You can see that button dimple, driving me nuts.

So, another one put to bed. I want to thank particularly Summerset for letting me trace off her pattern and also for her patience while I took so long to do so. 
I need to do a little light sewing right now. Have you seen the new Vogue bag patterns? To die for! None of that grocery tote bag look there! I also really really need some spring summer things and have pledged to get more color in my summer wardrobe. Since wardrobes can build on past garments either sewn or purchased, you can often end up with a rather blah composite group. One glance in my closet and it is the land of the neutrals. I need prints and color and I know they will be fun to sew as well. There is something pleasurable about sewing a print, even the ones we regret purchasing. I have seen some great linen prints lately and am planning around some blues/ greens, and whites. I have caught Carolyn's dress bug, and as always have in minds some heirloom things for the grandaughters. Throw in the Chanel Jacket and some bags for friends and I think my summer plan is in order. 

The pin weaving is near done and looking good. Definitely have some strong colors there. 
Thanks, everyone, for your kind thoughts about my MIL. I have already been thru this with my family and now it is time to help with DH's family. I just want to say that for those of you also dealing with this, accept the normalcy of life's cycles and appreciate your elder loved ones as they are now. They still have so much to offer and teach even if they are in diminished capacity. Remember, they changed your diapers, wiped up your vomit, listened to your rants and rages, and still rejoiced in your being you. They deserve the same as they near life's end.....Bunny


  1. Your muslin/definitely wearable muslin is muslin.

  2. A Muslinnnnn? Can I have it? It looks greatttttt

  3. Ooh, lovely. I like how you added the lace.

  4. It's beautiful. I love the lace above the pockets.

  5. I really couldn't imagine how it was going to look in the end. It is quite stunning, and the lace really adds a lot. You did a great job matching what you could. I always drive myself insane trying to match patterns because when I look at most RTW, nothing or little is matched.

  6. This is an amazingly wearable muslin - looks great!

  7. I knew you would find a way to take that jacket to the height of awesomeness! And you did! The dark trim with lace is just gorgeous!

  8. muslin or not, this is a stunning spring jacket!!!

  9. It's a work of art - the lace, the trim, the colour scheme are fabulous!

  10. Oh Bunny, I love you & what you just said about the elderly! {{HUGS}}

    Just look at you, you tiny little thang! Super jacket on accents your tiny hourglass. All my sand has gone to the bottom. Somebody quick...turn me over! :D

    Wonderful, precise & detailed...just like YOU.

  11. Oh, it is lovely! The combination of trims is very nice and visually interesting.

    The pattern was no problem, it was my pleasure. wasn't using it anyway and didn't miss it. Besides, I was working with a student making the same jacket with all the couture details and she had her own pattern that I could have used if I needed too.

    Your love and respect for the older generation is wonderful - dealing with one's own parents can be so hard emotionally.

  12. Your jacket is great. No one but you would ever notice the button dimpling.
    I have been keeping you MIL in my prayers. We are going through these issues with both my mom and my husband's. It is a difficult time, but like you said they did all of these things for us, so it is our turn.

  13. It's lovely, stunning in fact, but you are right about the overlap. I think it should be narrower. i don't think it should touch the pocket like that ideally.


  14. It's a beautiful jacket. I made this one too and really loved the end result. Your details truly make it stunning.

  15. Lovely jacket, as per usual!

    May there be light to you and your family members during this time.

  16. I wish my muslins looked that good, Bunny!
    I really enjoy your blog. I have nominated you for a new award which you can pick up from my blog (if you have time).

  17. I love your styling of this jacket. Sure it's just a muslin?! Very nice on you, Bunny.

  18. This looks so stupendous....aren't you totally proud of onto the "biggie"!!!

  19. Beautiful jacket, Channel-style, the details of the pockets have been very well made, the combination of materials has been very successful. I love it. Greetings. MARY

    P.D. My English is bad. I used the Google translator ... jejejejeje


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