Monday, March 22, 2010

Pin Weaving Revisited

This crazy mess is the completed pin weaving. The left side is a section that will go down the center of the bag. The smaller right side is the flap that will close the bag. I think this pic looks really scary. Once done, I straightened all the stray fibers and carefully pulled out the pins. I didn't want this to move around.When the pins were all out I layed on top, upside down, my pressing board,(an invaluable tool). Then I flipped the whole thing over.
I then covered it all with interfacing face down as you see above. I fused it all down. After it was all fused, I trimmed away all the odd fibers from the top and sides. Then I hit the machine and zigzagged it all to keep it strong. Even with the interfacing, this was a really soft fabric. I remember that being the case with other garments I have pin woven.
Once the edges were trimmed and zigzagged this is what I got:. You will see the top flap pieced laid on top where it will go. There will be a lot more fine tuning of the shape.
I am also adding embroidery and a little sparkle. It doesn't photograph, but the lightest blue area is VERY sparkly. I may do a few beads too. We are far from being done and ready to be put on the bag. The final piece will have a royal blue piping along the edges to really set it off. Back to embroidering........Bunny


  1. This is so wonderful! Such talent!

  2. I am so impressed & intrigued.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. That looks like fun to do. The bag will be really interesting.

  4. So--did you weave one piece and cut it to make the flap, or did you weave two separate pieces?

  5. This is fascinating. I'd never have the patience, but I love watching this whole process, and admire it! The wool felting is such a clever way to even out the irregularities of that marvelous ribbon layer -- and the verve of the colors and textures is inspirational. Wow!


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