Things move at a different speed in the Amish world. I recieved my order of Italian and domestic organdy about 3 1/2 weeks after I mailed the check. There is no credit card or computer in the Amish fabric store. I knew and expected this time frame so did not trouble over it. My organdy arrived in great condition, but the box, not so much. I was afraid to open it but it turns out all was well. Besides finding my fabric inside, I also found a strong lesson in thrift. We can learn much from our Amish brethren.
I was impressed. The top of the puzzle box was turned inside out and retaped to become the top of the shipping box. It was ingenious. It was also not the best of shipping methods, but it got here and my Italian and domestic organdies were pristine. Also included was my order form with change attached. Unbeknown to me, in the month of July there is a 5% discount. My discount was returned in cash, taped to the order. 
Last night I saw on CNN a blip about what our incoming college freshman don't know. Among a lot of other factoids,  they don't know a world without credit cards. Most cannot write in cursive, really. And they have probably never used a mailed, hand written order. Sigh.........Bunny


  1. Bunny yes sad that kids don't learn cursive anymore, schools have dropped that as a mandatory lesson. Hence one reason I homeschool. Also I'm very lucky to live in driving distance of this wonderful store and many others in Lancaster county!

  2. I'm glad your order arrived safely! And the report on CNN does not surprise me at all!

  3. I don't think many of our children can even write a personal letter. They text and tweet everything.

  4. Thanks for sharing the info about your package. Really interesting. As a former teacher, I could write a book about the kids not being made to write in cursive. I used to teach it in 3rd grade, but then I moved to 5th grade. Soon the kids were coming to me saying they didn't know cursive. I did what I could, but there was it NO where in the curriculum, and NO time alloted for it. The admin would tell us to "work it in" when we were already cut in our minutes to teach the mandatory. Plus the middle/high school teachers wouldn't make them use it, so why bother.
    I guess this could be a blog post! LOL

  5. College kids, including mine, are a lot more wise and creative and productive with all this wonderful technology than you might imagine! Give them a chance! Darby

  6. I too, have wondered about some of these things. When I read about Harvard University giving lessons on the social graces, how to use knife,fork,etc. place settings to me it was almost unbelievable!Also,the importance of thank you cards... I just long for another time. The fine art of letter writing is so much more personal to receive.... I'm just sayin'
    Great post.

  7. I don't doubt for a minute the wisdom and creativity of today's college students with all the new technology. I also know that many bloggers visiting here are not strangers to it either. What I bemoan is the passing of a time with a little more finesse as well as respect for the English language. This is all disappearing so recently and so so quickly. I asked my grandson today and he told me all he had to know in cursive in school was how to write his name. He also told me he really enjoyed his classes in cursive but there were very few of them. oh, well.

  8. They can't count out change, either! LOL

    I'm glad your items were safe inside that flimsy box though. I just mailed a med. size pkg to AZ & it cost over $10!!! Yikes!!

  9. I LOVE organdy....have to check this out, cause it's something we can't get here in the hinterlands!

    It is funny some of the simple things we take for granted that kids don't know about or can even do!!! But then I think how wonderful these blogs and such are cause they are like diaries/journals that their kids can read. I adore that. Love going through my grandmother's letters and such - makes me feel that I'm actually human!!!

  10. My youngest just started HS, and she actually DID learn cursive. Middle dd (sophmore in college) however, (definitely the MOST outspoken one in the family) told her she didn't understand "WHY they would teach cursive anymore, since ALL her HS teachers would require all papers to be typed".
    Texting? Don't get me started! Suffice to say, in SOME ways, that same dd has improved her spelling, since (if you have SOME idea) it will help you along. She used to ask ALL the time how to spell words, not so much anymore.
    Would love to see the organdy, BTW.


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