Moving On to the Holidays

The holidays are looming. My CJ has issues with poorly fitting sleeves. I am in slow mode because of the recent surgery. I decided it was a good time to put the CJ aside and get to my holiday sewing. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I was feeling a lot of stress from not having even touched my holiday sewing so it was time to make the move. Here are my results:

This is a great little pattern from Daisy Kingdom. It is Simplicity 2348 and unlike most DK patterns, it is quite simple to execute. The look comes from the 3 different fabrics required, also the look seen in most boutique children's clothing today. I used two fabrics and my ribbon constituted the "third". With raglan sleeves, gathered neckline and cuffs, and a machine stitched hem, this all came together in one day, the instant gratification I needed after so concentrating on the CJ and the surgery. I love it. This will be for my Sophie, an extremely tall 5 year old. I know she will just love the pink bows and colors.

The fabric are corduroy prints from JAs. I know there has been a lot of talk of these cords, which they run on pretty good sale prices. I have found that the really cheap solids can be just awful, but the more pricey prints that I have purchased have worked beautifully. This was pre washed and other than construction pressing this is how it came out of the dryer. It is very soft, with a fine wale, and a really nice quality. The ribbons are poly grosgrain so should wash fine as well.


Next in the queue, now that this dress is done, are some bags. The first is actually a remake of one I made a couple of years ago. I will be using this glorious cotton velvet and some faux leather. I am between two patterns but will decide within the hour and get started. First I have to hunt the stash for lining. I would like a brocade with some substance, you know those poly brocades that JAs seems to have by the thousands of yards.

ETA: just wanted to add that I decided on my TNT big bucket bag. Since this is a TNT that I have made more times than I can count, you can see that I committed the pattern to oaktag along with my notes. You will see the holes punched in the corners and the bent paper clip that goes through the holes and helps me hang it on a hanger with other TNTs. 


Thanks, all for your well wishes and your patience. I really missed connecting with all of you, but just didn't feel quite up to it. Completing a fun little simple dress sure helped put me back on track. I want you to know that your kind words and sentiments really mean a lot and thank you so much. As I have said before, the sewing blogosphere is populated by some really special people. Bless you all....Bunny


  1. That dress is so sweet! I'm so glad I already have this pattern, it just jumped the line in the queue! Also, glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  2. Your dress looks great! I just made this dress for my daughter inspired your earlier post about your plans for this dress. I agree, it was suprisingly simple to sew and the results are quite cute.

  3. Could you please tell us for what JA stands?

  4. JoAnn's ! I forget sometimes that my readers are worldwide. Joanns is a craft (mostly) and fabric retail chain. Their quality and management can be hit or miss, but my local JAs is really wonderful, spotless, and well stocked and managed by knowledgeable staff.

  5. Bunny, The dress is so darn cute, just love the fabrics you used. Thank you for getting me back in the mood to sew, been in a bit of a slump.


  6. So glad you're on the mend, Bunny. I've missed your informative blogs and beautiful workmanship. The dress is adorable!

    Karen in Housto

  7. What good news and what a great dress. You are definitely feeling better and that's such a good thing.

  8. Very cute dress Bunny. I have a similar cord in line to make a jumper for my 4 yr old. Agree with you on the quality of JA fabrics. Glad you are on the mend.


  9. I hope your health continues to improve and your surgery heals quickly. That little dress is adorable. It takes a keen eye to put fabrics together so well. Koos has nothing on you! Bummer about the CJ sleeve fitting issue. You'll fix it though and have a gorgeous jacket.

  10. Bunny, so glad to hear you're mending nicely. A very wise MD once told me that the only "minor" surgery was that performed on someone else! No matter how minor, it still takes healing!
    The dress is fabulous and I know a 6 year old who may just see something like that at Christmas!

  11. You know I've always had problem with the classically inserted sleeves in the Chanel jacket (Pardon if this gets long). Here's the deal, part of why we either back or quilt the bouclé is because the dang stuff doesn't keep its shape - it's so loosely woven. So when I put in the sleeve the traditional way and then pop in the sleeve head lining inside the lining armhole, it's a real challenge (like hard as @#$#!#@$#%) for an expert like me, much less for a newbie or first-timer.

    What I've taken to doing is inserting the fabric and lining sleeve head into the fabric and lining armhole, and then finish it with a bias strip on the inside. I feel this keeps in the tradition of Chanel, and the whole megillah is finished on the inside and the sleeve head is inserted beautifully with that crisp header in the seam (you know how much I love my sleeve head hem headers!!!) and it looks excellent and professional on the inside as well.

    I know the traditional way can be done, but I inserted my Chanel sleeve the classic way the first time about a gazillion times (OK, not quite a gazillion) and the dang thing never did come out right. The minute I did it with fabric & lining, poof - came out excellanto the very first time.

    Final note: If you end up knocked out in an alley some day and that gorgeous cotton velvet is missing don't come lookin' fer me!!!! (Claire whistling nonchalantly!!!)

  12. Sophie's new dress is adorable and a lovely Christmas gift.

  13. So happy to hear you're out, and sewing again! Sophie's dress is adorable.

  14. What a cute dress. I hope Sophie enjoys it!

  15. That's an adorable dress, Sophie will love it!


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