A Christmas Gift, McCalls 4400

I got a lot accomplished on this bag today, basically working with the faux leather. I thought it would make a good post to offer a few hints for this textile. On this bag there are corner "appliques" out of the faux leather. These appliques will be on top of a cotton velvet, a very slippery fabric!
In this photo you can see the pattern for the faux leather corner appliques and another pattern for a lining. I cut this lining out of black cotton. This lining piece is my own invention. I have made this bag MANY times and find this is the easiest and neatest way to get a nice curve on the applique. You can also see a bottle of Sewer's Aid, which I have found invaluable for working with this fabric. The "gathering template" is cut smaller than the applique. I first lined up the curved sections on both pieces, right sides together, and stitch starting at the center of the curve. As I stitched I lined up the lining piece with the edge and stitched about an inch past the curve. This will sort of pull the leather to the wrong side once I turn it right side out.  Before stitching I rub the bottom of the presser foot, the plate, and the faux leather with the Sewer's Aid. I also use a size 14 HS Stretch Needle. Doing this has allowed the faux leather to be sewn easily. I don't have a teflon foot and since this has always worked fine for me, I never invested in one.

The appliques are then turned right side out and the curve is manipulated to lay nice and smooth. I then put weights on them and walk away for a few hours. Then I come back to stitch them to the cotton velvet.
Because faux leather will show every pin hole, I only pin in the seam allowances. The rest of the appliques are taped to the velvet with masking tape. Again, I rub the curved edge of the applique with Sewer's Aid. I also rub the presser foot and needle with it. This is a barely discernible amount, one little dot on my finger. I edge stitch the applique using my edge stitching foot, a stitch length of 3.0, and a heavy weight thread.

After getting the appliques attached, it was time to make some small straps with the faux leather. I used tiny bull clips to keep them folded as, once again, the pins would make holes. Every time I stitch I rub the faux with the Sewer's Aid. All faux leather work is now behind me and the shell is done as much as it can be. I have to hit JAs and get a lining, handle, and snap. That will all happen tomorrow.

Today was my first day out since the surgery, going for my one week check up. I have some issues with my lungs and hope all will clear up soon, one day at a time...Bunny


  1. Thanks for the hints. Take care of yourself - one day at a time.

  2. Looks good - the combination of fabrics is rich and expensive looking. Take care and rest up!


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