McCalls 4400 and more!

McCall's 4400, my TNT bucket bag that I have made more times than I can count, is now complete. I am pleased. The lining has a key safe, a pencil pocket, and a larger pocket as well. If this looks familiar, it should. I made this exact same bag with a different  lining fabric, a couple of years ago.

    * The bag is made from a really rich dark paisley cotton velvet. It just did not photograph well, with or without the flash, and it was too rainy and dark to photo outside. 

    * The lining is ditch stitched to the outer bag at the side seams.  I used a 1.5 stitch length and it does not show at all.

     * The bottom of the lining is ditch stitched as well and this pattern has you cover a rectangle and place it in the bottom of the bag for more stability. I used Timtex and it fused  to the poly lining beautifully. This was my first time using Timtex. Normally I used foam core to fill the rectangle of lining.

 Above you see a plaid silk dupioni in tans and olive green. The lining is a light olive colored linen. I am anxious to make this bag as it has been in the queue for some time. It is the Noriko bag from Lazy Girl, a free upload . It consists of four teardrop shapes that come together in the prettiest and most intriguing shape. It will have a big button and beads and ribbons hanging from the bottom, I think. This was cut and fused today.

I also cut out this preppy combo of fabric. It is a Pendleton wool with patent leather straps and tabs. I think it will be real cute. This will be Vogue 8609,   a serious looking tote.

With both bags cut and ready to be stitched, Thanksgiving travel and cooking looms. Tomorrow will be the packing and cooking and then Wednesday AM we will leave early for a 7 hour drive to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where my sis resides. I can't wait to see her and the rest of the family.

May you all have the Thanksgiving you are hoping for.

May you arrive and return safely and soundly .

We will all give thanks for  the love of family and friends.  If you are reading sewing blogs you are particularly blessed. You can be thankful that you have a passion. It is truly a blessing to be thankful for. Personally, I am also very thankful for you , dear readers. You inspire me, egg me on, teach me, and make me laugh.  Thank you for being here and may you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday......Bunny


  1. Beautiful! I particularly love how the handle is suspended above the purse. I have two sets of handles and have been looking for just the right fabric and this is a neat application!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Bunny - enjoy your Thanksgiving too!

    The bags are awesome as usual!

  3. Thank YOU! You definitely inspire and teach me, and so many others! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. The bag is just amazing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Stunning bag and the handle is amazing.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Bunny! I'm thankful right back for your much to inspire, so much to learn!

  7. What a great bag. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Bunny. I've been thinking of you as I work on my own winter bag. WWBD?

  9. What a beautiful bag you've sewn. Happy Thanksgiving - and thank you for sharing all of your talents with us. I am learning from you all the time.

  10. Bunny, I am always amazed at what you do with "ordinary" bag patterns! This one is even more awesome than usual; beautiful job!

  11. I love the look of the tartan bag, I have a yard of dress Stewart tartan bought in Scotland probably 40 years ago, I was always going to make a vest but never did. I'll be interested to watch your bag construction.

  12. Sending ~~safe travel vibes~~ your way, Bunny! Have a fabulous family Thanksgiving!!

    Love the look of the newest bag. When you get home, you'll need to fix the link to the Noritake bag on Lazy Girls...its dead. :( hopefully I'll go find the free download elsewhere.

  13. Both completed bags are gorgeous - the velvet is very luxe.

  14. OUTSTANDING job on both bags! They look terrific!


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