Organizing Continues....

My Spring cleaning re-org continues. I found yesterday this HUGE pressing cover for my cutting table, 36x72. When I bought the table this mat was real cheap so I got it too. Once I tried it out I decided I did not like it at all and wanted my cutting table set up just for cutting. Putting the mats on top of this pressing surface made everything too soft as well as a PITA if I wanted to press. The pressing cover became a wadder hiding in my back room. I found it yesterday and made the decision to cut it and recover my blocking board with it. Then I decided to close up my Morse machine and set up the cabinet as a mini ironing station. I love it. I also have enough left to make an entirely new cover for my regular ironing board. You can see I marked out the inches with a Sharpie. I steam ironed them and they are not going anywhere!

The cover is simply wrapped around the board and secured with duct tape, easy peasy. 
My next discovery was an unused CD holder out of wicker. Perfectly narrow and filled with compartments, great for the cutting table. It now has my weights, measuring tools, etc. and takes less space than what I was previously using. 

This was a good Re-purposing day!...Bunny


  1. You are inspiring me to get moving on my own sewing room reorganization! Only mine includes actually moving into another room.
    The stuff I mentioned yesterday is called Wonder tape (you'd think that Something as simple as that would stick in the brain). Here's a link to info on Nancy's Notions:

    I bought mine locally, and now I can't live without the stuff. Terribly useful.

  2. You will love sewing in your newely organized space!

  3. I've got one of those, too and don't like it on my table, either. I only pull it out when I'm blocking a sweater or large piece of knitting and need the space. The marked 1" grid is really helpful for that task. I think what you've done with it is very smart and makes it useful.


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