If I Could.....

    I would show you lots of pictures regarding the past two weeks I have been missing. Unfortunately, my seven (!) year old battery died on my Cannon G6 and another is being shipped to me as we speak. Thank you, Radio Shack! That camera would be showing you the following: 
  •  The great royal blue and white 4 way stretch I picked up on the cheapo at Joann's in Middleton, Mass. That is one huge store!
  •  The bag feet and purse frame also purchased there. Our little JAs doesn't have this big selection of purse goodies and it was a treat to shop them in the big store. I am really anxious to try making a bag with a frame so that is in the queue now.
  •  The gorgeous brown and stark white viscose suit/dress weight I purchased at The Fix. I also got some interfacings there  which they are now carrying, the nice 60 inch wide ones.
  •  The mint condition vintage tablecloth of grey blue with its dogwood blossoms and white border that would make a darling dress for Carly.How to use it to its advantage is running around in my mind a lot.
  •   I would be plying you with pics of my granddaughter, totally enthralled with sewing with her Grandma Bunbun. She is so in to it I can't believe it. She just seems to consume everything that I tell her. Like her grandma at that age, she needs constant challenge and also like grandma, sewing gives her that. She has cut out pattern pieces and helped hold the string while we made piping, etc. It is such a delight.
  •  Pics of the fabric she picked out on her own, well, with a bit of psychology from Bunbun. It was not easy steering her away from the pink sparkle butterfly fabric to the orange blue print that will compliment her dark skin so nicely. I am soooooo sick of little girls in pink sparkly knit. I know they like it but can't moms find other fashion inspiration? 
  • I might even slip in a pic of one bushed Grandma after taking care of twin 3 year olds and their 8 yr old big brother while Mom and Dad are away on family business the other side of the country for almost a week. 
 I can show you the two patterns I picked up this morning at JAs with the Vogue sale. First Vogue 1109.

and Vogue 8649.
 I have been accumulating knits and really need to get going on some. My concern with the first pattern is that it is a Betzina pattern and the two times I have used a Betzina pattern the fit has been horrendous despite flat measuring, etc. Any hints from anybody out there would be greatly appreciated. I do have a couple of great stripes I could use for this pattern.

The last pattern  I love, so far, anyway. The back has a CB seam and a waistline seam, all the better to accommodate my swayback. I also like the 3/4 length sleeves as well.

I have another wave of company arriving Tuesday and staying till the end of the week. It will fill our home with the laughter and joy of 3 grandchildren building forts, running through the meadows, fishing with their Grandpa, and being spoiled rotten. Till my cam returns to business and my house is once again quiet.....Have a happy Fourth!....Bunny


  1. That Betzina top would be a horror on my large bust, so no help here. Happy 4th to you!

  2. Bunny, Sandra Betzina's patterns seem to fit me better than most other patterns these days...but I'm sure that they aren't for all body types...perhaps you haven't reached "Today's Woman" size yet! I will admit that the sizing on her patterns messes me up as I was used to size 10, 12, etc! She wants us to stop thinking in those numbers! I went to a Betzina seminar several years ago and after that when Vogue was offering a really good online sale, I bought a LOT of her patterns and have enjoyed making them and wearing them. I have a couple of her fitting books, too. So I am a Betzina fan. I enjoy her fitting advice included in her patterns and some of her a bit off the wall styles. My "main" sewing friend and I went together to the Betzina seminar...my friend is really into fitting patterns...specific measurements, etc.(me...not as much that way!)...and she doesn't like the way Sandra's patterns fit her. If you would like we could Private Message at Martha Pullen's Message Board. I just can't imagine that with all your sewing expertise that I would have much to add...but it would be fun to "chat" about Sandra's patterns.

  3. Happy 4th Bunny!
    And pink sparkly knit? Well, I don't own any either. I wish you had pictures of sewing with your grandgirl sewing. That must have been a blast!!

  4. Make wonderful memories with your family and have a great time!

  5. Hi Bunny. I've made that pattern twice. I like it a lot . The first one was too snug ( I usually make size C with Sandra's patterns). It is very fitted. Next time I cut it out in Size D and made an FBA as I'm a bit chesty and that worked quite well.I'm including the links.
    http://myblotspoginnbcana.blogspot.com/search/label/Vogue%20Pattern%20Creations and

    Good luck with yours. I rellay love the sleeves on this top.

  6. Here's hoping you're enjoying your company & getting lots of hugs & kisses, Bunny!

    Your new patterns will accent your tiny waist beautifully. Looking forward to seeing what fabric you chose to do them in.


    p.s. I would have chosen the pink sparkle butterfly fabric myself!!!


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