Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's a little peak at the Table Cloth Dress, really too close to appreciate. It is very  near done. Today was one of those loaded with all the trivia required to hit the road for a week long trip, pay bills, get groceries, etc.; just lots of non sewing "stuff". So the little dress is not quite done but I will finish the minute I get back. 

I am going to visit with DD#2 for a week in New Hampshire. She moved today into her dream home. She and hubby have worked long and hard for this and I am so excited for them. It's a rambling  Royal Barry Wills cape with a beautifully designed interior. She wants Mom to help with the move in and getting fabrics picked out, windows measured, etc. I am really looking forward to it. Of course I will be visiting with DD#1 and family as well but this trips focus is the move in. 

I will be back in a week. Hope you are all well and safe and happily stitching away in my absence. Till then....Bunny


  1. Have a great trip and enjoy spending time with your chidren.

  2. I look forward to your return and more exquisite sewing. I wouldn't mind seeing fabric for your daughter's new home either!! hint hint

  3. Your stacked cables look really good. I remember the pattern from AS&E you are taking the idea from. That's another technique I'll need to learn!

    Have a good trip - We go to Connecticut, Maine, back to Connecticut then Colorado in late August. It seems every time I visit my daughter I end up sewing something for the house, but that's what moms are for.


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