The Stripes continue! Simp 2593

I have stripes on the brain. If I had my Pfaff I would do another striped knit after this top. They are just such fun to work with.

Pattern:  This is Simplicity 2593, a Cynthia Rowley design. It really is just a simple little tank with a bias tube collar.  No darts. The bust dart is rotated to a gathered neckline hiding under the bias tube.

Fabric: Fabric, I think is from Ima's legacy. It is a really fine cotton shirting, very menswear. It is so soft and appears to have a nice thread count. The stripe is woven in and it is exactly the same from both sides. That is important in making the collar on this pattern.

Construction:  Another sign of  quality is the fact that the grain and stripe line up beautifully in a perfect 45º angle. Its harder and harder to find fabric on grain and this one is.
This is such a simple little top. I used French seams for the shoulders and sides. I also used the Baby Hem method for the hem but added another row of stitching an 1/8th of an inch away.The hem out of the enveloped is straight across. I chose to shape it at the side seam curving up an inch and a half and then tapering back down.
The method for making the tube is very simple. You cut two bias pieces and seam together leaving the first and last 3 inches unsewn. Turn right side out and press. Then twist the tube 4 times. Now stitch the ends together and then closeup with hand stitching. Put the blouse on your dress form and pin the collar in place. Hand tack down to the shirt. Bingo! Do the hem and shirt done! I think its a lot of bang for way small effort. I love the back neckline but you can twist the tube any way you prefer.
Too much fun and too easy!

I can't wait to start on this pattern for a lovely soft blue knit I have. I will wait till my machine returns however. In the meantime it will be wovens only!

At dinner last night we thouroughly enjoyed this batch of fresh peas from our Amish neighbors. They were so sweet. I think shelling peas  beats a cocktail at happy hour.......Bunny


  1. What a super little top! It's refreshing to see a nice top made with a woven instead of a knit. Very cute and chic!

  2. Another great striped top, but still totally different from your last one. This one is feminine and delicate while your previous one is bold and sporty. Stripes are so versatile!

    I love fresh peas. We didn't plant any this Spring, so my kids missed out this summer :-( On the other hand we have zuchini coming out our ears!

  3. That top is so pretty and fresh. I love the juxtaposition of the menswear shirting with the feminine design.

  4. Great little top. Must remember that neckline!

  5. Pretty new top and fresh peas - both winners!

  6. I love the top, it looks so nice and cool. But don't you mean 90 degrees with the grain and stripe?

    The peas look delicious! We've been eating fresh green beans, but in the war with the gophers, we are losing.

  7. Great top out of very fine fabric. It is getting more difficult to find quality fabrics at decent prices.

    LOve the fresh peas. I can never wait to cook the. I just pop them in my mouth raw.

  8. The top is so so cute. I've been wanting that pattern! I had forgotten. :) And the peas...yummm.

  9. Math has never been my strong suit. I actually sat at the computer debating if it was 45º or 90º. I remembered the 45 on my ruler and went with that. Now give me languages and history and I am ready for Jeopardy!

  10. Perfect - the weather has been so hot and this top would be great to wear!

  11. It's a great top and Bunny you do stripes so well!


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