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If you have been reading for a while you know that I am a "unit" sewist, one who makes all the smaller units before putting them together in the garment. I don't make the collar, put it on; don't make the pockets, put them on, all in order as the pattern specifies. Instead, I make all the individual units, straps, pockets, sleeves, etc. and then put them together. Usually the first thing I make is the piping. I think that is just because I love to make piping. This all  serves me well when I am also doing a hand worked insert at the same time.  When the insert is complete, and it will be shortly, I can just put it all together.
 Here you can see the back skirt, the back bodice which will have elastic run through, (to early to do that yet), and the ruffly straps. I really wanted a total retro look to this, not just the fabric. I did some research and those ruffly straps were seen on pinafores very frequently back in the 50's. It was a way to pull a little bit of the blue to the top of the garment for a better color balance. All units are now done and I am just waiting to complete the insert. I could have done it last night but of course ran out of floss at the very last group of stitches, ugh. So today will be a run into town to buy floss. No, I am not independently wealthy and runing a 30 mile trip for 50 cents worth of floss. I will tie this in to other errands which I schedule to all do at the same time. DH and I have gotten very thrifty with our gas consumption. It just makes sense.

The back of this little dress is simply gathered with elastic in the tiny bodice. It is really bothering me to not have that more finished. I think I will make a button on belt in the back from what little is left of the fabric, or maybe a sash, not sure. This is all I have left......Bunny


  1. I am so interested in your progress and after reading about "unit" sewing, I think I am a convert. I really think this dress is going to be beautiful. Love the color!

  2. Just itching to see the end result! The colours are just beautiful. And that fabric must just feel wonderful to the touch. (just looks that way)

  3. You've made a lot of progress. Go Bunny, go!

  4. It looks sweet. If you haven't yet decided on belt or sash, I would vote for the belt. My four year old finds sashes to be quite troubling in the bathroom and has asked me to remove them from all of her dresses. I also think a more structured piece (like a belt) would contrast nicely with the soft shoulder ruffles. Of course, now I don't remember how old the recipient of this dress is...

  5. "DH and I have gotten very thrifty with our gas consumption." Mega Ditto here!

    I hope you can find an exact match to the floss you've already used, Bunny.

    Those little ruffles on the straps are going to look precious! Very retro indeed.

  6. I am also enjoying your progress on this special dress. I adore the 'fabric' and can't wait to see the finished product! I, too, prefer to 'unit sew'. It seems quicker to me.

  7. I like sewing in units for bigger projects like this. It breaks it down so that the whole thing isn't overwhelming and I can concentrate on making each part perfect. Can't wait to see this one finished.


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