Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beaded Valance is Complete!

These are complete and I am pleased. I sure hope Audrey is as well. Today I mounted them on the board. I used the same board as the original designer but his returns went beyond the width of the  board. I will velcro those to the window molding so nothing will be swinging out. I'm also thinking of adding some weights at the hem of the returns to help them not wing out like the original valance. So I think with these tweaks, once installed, they will look great in the "copper" bath. Here is what the wrong side looks like:
This wasn't the only thing I finished today. I covered my new sleeve board with a couple of layers of wool blanket and some black and white toile. Kinda cute?
So the room is coming along, bit by bit. I did some retail shopping today but saw nothing that I wanted in the room. I will wait till my next visit south and hit Home Goods, one of my favorite places on the planet.

I am not sure what is next. I am going to do a bit of reading before starting the next project. I want something to work on before starting the next phase for Audrey - the mudroom cushions and window treatment. I am tossing between starting a slip cover for my office/sewing chair and Sophie's Christmas dress. I have to do a bit of inspirational reading before I start so I am off to dig out the SBs and AS&Es. (Sew Beautiful and Australian Smocking and Embroidery for the non heirloom of you) . In the meantime its time to pick and put up tomatoes!....Bunny


  1. The valance turned out beautifully. I need to pad & cover my sleeve board, too. Great inspiration.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. The valance is beautiful. Did you source the fabric & trim locally or online?
    I have to say you are inspiring me to make a new ironing board cover to replace my nasty looking one.

  3. I love it mom. It will be perfect. I also just got a small mirror to go in between the sconces that happens to be the same shape as the white part of this fabric. We can do a photo session when you next come up to show it in place on the window.

  4. The WT is super - I love the beads. The sleeve board is darling. Yes, it's tomato time!

  5. Oh, so well done! Looks like this will be a much better engineered replacement, not to say beautiful, too.

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  7. Got my fabrics mixed up. This fabric was a special order from Joanns. It's stamped with "Williamsburg, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Chippendale Fretwork." Who knew? She got it when the special orders were 50% off recently.

  8. Oh I hope you don't mind...but this was so effective for so little effort (I didn't do anything but cut and paste!! ha!!!), that I put you up on Facebook. This is so cute and goes great with the wonderful bathroom treatments...can't wait to see the whole look!

  9. It turned out FANTASTIC, Bunny! I give you ★★★'s!

    I know your DD is going to love it. GREAT job on matching those patterns & I ♥ the beading treatment along the bottoms.


    ps. I have had some of that black & white toile for a long time, trying to make up my mind what I wanted to do with it. I just ♥ it!

  10. Your home dec projects are beautiful. Lucky DD -- and lucky you to have such a great new look for your sewing room/cave!


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