Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Much in the Queue, S2771 and S2284

Yes, its been a few days since I have posted. I have worked through more of the same "cushion" work so did not feel I  could post anything you hadn't already seen. I  have also been working away on Selena's Bishop and that should be completed and up on the blog tomorrow, so thanks for your patience on that one. I've also had some local client work as well as some big issues in DH's family so it has been hectic and not much time to focus on anything new, BUT I DID! Oh, throw in how we need to prepare for winter, seriously, up here and you can see why not as much has been completed or started around here. Monday, our plan is to get all cordwood possible stored in the house ( a lot) and more stacked outside. Gardens need to be dealt with as well with much needed cleanup. 

Now that all my disclaimers have been laid out on the table here is what is coming up. You can see on the cabinet door a muslin bodice and separate sleeve. I will bring this down to New Hampshire this weekend to fit on Sophie. I already know that the sleeve is big. It just looks it, maybe too full. Once this is fitted and I am back home I can get going on her Christmas dress. I am really excited about it as it will sport some very on trend aspects despite being an heirloom smocked dress. More to come.

Also on the cabinet is the pattern I will be using for the boy's jammies. I have decided this will now be my go to TNT for the boys instead of the traditional New Look with its collar. Why? I do love that pattern but when I see the boys in the jammies the collars are just hither and yon and could benefit from a good press. A good press for jammies for little boys? No Way! It's just not going to happen so when Grandma Bunbun goes to visit they look a bit sloppy in their granny mades. This Simplicity pattern,  2771, has no collar and the piped facing look stays looking fresh through lots of wearing. So 2771 is my new TNT go to for the boys. 
Also in the queue is this red leather. It is just waiting for me to turn it into a clutch bag with some chain embellishment. The findings are an onyx metal finish and look really sharp with the red F. leather. I am  VERY excited about this project. I know it will lead to more clutches. That's good because the gift of the season this year will be clutch bags. Be forewarned. You will see a bunch coming.
Many irons are in the fire. We will be leaving early Friday for Boston and NH. We will bring Audrey her window treatments, watch our grandson play baseball, and enjoy all the grandchildren.  We will watch our daughter Jen and her hubbie pull down a half marathon starting at  Franklin Park on Saturday in Boston. Let me know if any of you will be there. Then Sunday evening it will be back to NY and a good nights sleep before facing that wood pile on Monday morning.  Hopefully Tuesday will bring on some serious uninterrupted sewing time. Wahooooo! I hope you all get to have a glorious fall weekend.....Bunny

ETA: It just occurred to me that I didn't mention 2282 from Simplicity. This is for the Dolce & Gabana jacket and I need to work up a muslin. That will happen soon. In the meantime, the leaves are falling but we are not near peak color. I am thinking maybe Monday peak color will be here and I can get some good photos....Bunny


  1. I love that last photo! That's one thing we never get in Florida, and I do miss the colors and the season.

  2. I second what Debbie said. The beautiful autumn colors and scents are what I miss the most living in Florida. Looking forward to Monday's pictures!

  3. My goodness! I'm exhausted just reading your blog! I hope you have a wonderful time with the grandchildren and I'm looking forward to reading about your projects.

  4. Is it just me, or do our lives become more hectic the older we get? I thought that at this time of my life, I would have oddles of time to sew. Not. Enjoy your family and get that wood stacked so you can get back to your sewing room and work on your queue.


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